So many things on the go!


I am feeling stressed, but have no one to blame but myself LOL!  I seem to have developed the habit of agreeing to things without thinking of all the OTHER things I’ve already agreed to.   At the moment I have a number of things on the go and am working thru them s l o w l y.  Be patient.  The poll for the CD calendars closes in a couple of days, there is a clear frontrunner, as you can see (Sweetheart Script) and I’ll make those in the next week or two.  There are other things I’ve promised to various commentors that I am working on, and a few of my own projects, as well as a BIG sort out over on UKScrappers that now has a deadline.

Despite a few people saying they key chain calendars are too small to read. I’m going to add the sheet. Grab it here.  Funny, I had created the full sheet but in order to get three full sets of months, the final DECEMBER extended past the 10.5 inch limit I set (so people who use US letter paper and who can’t print “borderless” can still print things in the size I intend and not have anything cut off) and I was getting ready to apologise when I thought Hang on a minute!


Doh!  one month is easy to rotate and fit inside the limits.


Anyway, there it is.  Use it or not, depending on your eyesight.

The key fobs I got were these.  There are cheaper ones, but you have to buy like 50 of them to get the lower price.  I did get another kind, but once you inset your calendar bits inside, you can’t open them, unless you smash them with a hammer.  Not useful.  A little diversion first.  Remember this shot?


How horrible is my cutting mat?


WELL.  Being trapped in town with no car yesterday worked out pretty well for me.  I wandered in to TK MAXX with DD and found an American Crafts cutting mat for the bargain price of £14! OK, so just £4 cheaper than Hobby Craft for the same size, but it’s still a great deal.  Why? well, it’s PINK




Frankly I’m more excited about the double-sided than the PINK, but that’s just me. I like that is has both inches and CMs with both in a useable view at the same time.  I figure I’ll hold on to my super-mucky mat and use that to cover this one when doing gluey, inky, painty play.

Back to the calendars:


Just so you can get a sense of the size.  The final one, outside the key fob, I trimmed a little shorter, so that one is slightly smaller still! Yes, the ones today ARE small. I can read them.  DH cannot. I say print them and see what you think.  If you use them let me know HOW.

Now, off to whittle down that To Do list a bit…and WOYWW visits.


6 thoughts on “So many things on the go!

  1. I love your calendars but is there a way I can reduce the size of the circular calendars? We are making 4″w x 3 1/2h” cards with a calendar in the corner that is 1 1/2″h and 1 1/4″ wide. Thank you

    • I think there are a few circular ones 🙂 Which ones are you interested in? I’m sure it would be a 5 minute task for me to do that once I know which set!



  2. I’m interested as to why you don’t use a glass cutting mat? It is easy to clean, and doesn’t dull your blades. I use an old Corelle chopping board from years ago, and it means my blades last forever. (Seriously, I change blades twice a year, max. And I HATE dull knives.) Just a thought. Love what you do, and that you share it so freely!

    • I have a glass cutting mat that I use for certain things (like my circle cutter) but the mat is at least as much for desk protection as for cutting. I do use snap-off blades so I never have to have a dull one. They are so cheap I can snap off the old on as soon as it begins to drag. And obviously the mat has the handy measurements on it. I’ve toyed with a sticker on the back of the mat, like maybe clear label sticker sheets, Avery makes them, with the measurements printed in reverse so they are right when you stick them. But I just can’t see that they would be very precise, thru the glass, and hard to get straight. So you see I HAVE thought about it! In the end, for ME, the mat makes more sense, with the glass one saved for specific tasks – since they don’t make the CM style circle cutters anymore, keeping the blades in the pods sharp is a high priority LOL!

      Glad you enjoy my stuff. I appreciate that you took the time to comment!


  3. I Love the cutting mat 🙂 mine is a WRMK magnetic mat but I think i like yours better – I keep all my old (usable) cutting mats for the messy stuff. I love all your calenders but I perfer the key fob that you made not bought – I will print out and then decide if I will do it my way or your way XXX Thanks – Hope you get some rest – don’t stress about it though ((hug)) xx

  4. You always post such clever ideas and the key calendar is very nifty. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @32

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