So many things on the go!

I am feeling stressed, but have no one to blame but myself LOL!  I seem to have developed the habit of agreeing to things without thinking of all the OTHER things I’ve already agreed to.   At the moment I have a number of things on the go and am working thru them s l o w l y.  Be patient.  The poll for the CD calendars closes in a couple of days, there is a clear frontrunner, as you can see (Sweetheart Script) and I’ll make those in the next week or two.  There are other things I’ve promised to various commentors that I am working on, and a few of my own projects, as well as a BIG sort out over on UKScrappers that now has a deadline.

Despite a few people saying they key chain calendars are too small to read. I’m going to add the sheet. Grab it here.  Funny, I had created the full sheet but in order to get three full sets of months, the final DECEMBER extended past the 10.5 inch limit I set (so people who use US letter paper and who can’t print “borderless” can still print things in the size I intend and not have anything cut off) and I was getting ready to apologise when I thought Hang on a minute!


Doh!  one month is easy to rotate and fit inside the limits.


Anyway, there it is.  Use it or not, depending on your eyesight.

The key fobs I got were these.  There are cheaper ones, but you have to buy like 50 of them to get the lower price.  I did get another kind, but once you inset your calendar bits inside, you can’t open them, unless you smash them with a hammer.  Not useful.  A little diversion first.  Remember this shot?


How horrible is my cutting mat?


WELL.  Being trapped in town with no car yesterday worked out pretty well for me.  I wandered in to TK MAXX with DD and found an American Crafts cutting mat for the bargain price of £14! OK, so just £4 cheaper than Hobby Craft for the same size, but it’s still a great deal.  Why? well, it’s PINK




Frankly I’m more excited about the double-sided than the PINK, but that’s just me. I like that is has both inches and CMs with both in a useable view at the same time.  I figure I’ll hold on to my super-mucky mat and use that to cover this one when doing gluey, inky, painty play.

Back to the calendars:


Just so you can get a sense of the size.  The final one, outside the key fob, I trimmed a little shorter, so that one is slightly smaller still! Yes, the ones today ARE small. I can read them.  DH cannot. I say print them and see what you think.  If you use them let me know HOW.

Now, off to whittle down that To Do list a bit…and WOYWW visits.