2016 Circular CD calendars – have your say


With a bonus at the end.

I’ve had a couple of comments and two emails, asking about the pretty CD calendars I have done for a few years.  Seems people are already wanting them.  So I have been playing with them for a couple of weeks and am very undecided about the options.  I don’t like to do them the same, every year, and this year I have narrowed the field down to four possible options. I figured why not ask and see which one I should do first.  I am not opposed to making more than one, but for now, I’d love your feedback on which one you like best.

Each one is shown smaller here but you can click them to have the image open a bit bigger.







Assuming that the block of dates is going to be a plainer font, or at least very readable, if a little fancy, the real question is the big MONTH and the circle.  I’ve added a strip that shows each month, cause some of them may not look as appealing. May and July, being such short words, work less well in a lot of fonts, to my eye.  Now, I know Mutlu is pretty ornate,  But in the circle, I think the month names look so pretty and lacy, it works.  Hobbes is more handwritten and maybe a bit more casual, but I like it so I’m making it an option.

Just adding, as a bonus, a version of the funky calendar that is small enough to fit on one page.  2016key

Heck it doesn’t even fill a page!  I’ve been playing around with keychain calendars, based on an exchange with a UKS member who makes them and thought since I had resized them I might as well add them. So here they are.  I just need to refine a couple of things then will share how I used them.

I did go to the Newbury Papercraft show yesterday.  It sprang up to fill the void left by Artistamps.  It wasn’t too bad.  Not a ton of stands, but the ones that were there had plenty of stuff to look at.  I got a great deal on some black cardstock from Limetree Crafts and some incredibly tightly nested circle dies by Presscut – 24 dies, from 19.5 cm to .9cm.  I have given up on circle cutters.  None of them work as well as dies and I hate firing up the Cricut to cut a circle, so these suit me down to the ground.  I picked up a couple other things to play with, like Brushos, but not a massive haul to be sure.  If I had a complaint it would be the same one as Artistamps – the stands were packed together so densely it was near impossible to see everything you would want to see.  There has to be a way they can spread out and make the shopping experience a better one, surely.  I’m sure they have to pay my the footage, but they would probably make up the extra because people have the room to actually see what’s on offer.



3 thoughts on “2016 Circular CD calendars – have your say

  1. Hard to decide…they all look great…Hobbes is one of my all time favorites but for the calendar I voted for the Sweetheart Script…Thanks for your work!
    Do you eventually make these CD calendars with Monday to Sunday? I’m from Germany and this would be really great…

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  3. They are ALL GOREOUS! My personal favs are the two left hand sided ones : Delphine et Mathias ( lovely font) and Hobbes . I will be printing out the one page calander to have a play with two 🙂 Thank you xx

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