Project Life printables – and a cool free resource


NOTE:  I have quite exhaustively tried to figure out a way to reduce the file size but there is no method I can find that will work, without reducing the quality.  I have one other idea that MAY work and I’ll give it a go then add a smaller PDF if it does.  And I think this works!  I had to process it a few times but I printed them and I think the quality is fine and THIS PDF is only just over 1.1 mb .  And no need for Dropbox, plus I learned something new … 

I make a lot of printables nowadays.  Many of them spring from seeing a cool image on a free-to-use or free-with attribution site, and a desire to learn something new.

AGES ago I signed up for email blasts from something called The Green Bulb Gang.  I think at the time DD was watching some show on Ceebeebies that had Green Bulb Gang in it, so when I saw the title I assumed it was something to do with that.  It wasn’t.  But I kept getting the very occasional emails and sometimes there was something great in there.  This month there is a pretty doodled feather vector that I just knew would be fab to play with.

I was learning a bit about gradients in my program a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to revisit that.  So I did.  This is what I came up with, in the hour I had before heading off to the stamp show in Newbury, the one that is filling the gap left by Artistamps ending. Not rocket science but I like how they turned out.  Using the gradient to make the dotty line was something I never tried before and I like how it turned out.


And here is a close up that shows all three feather styles


Now that file is just about 4 mb.  The quartz filter reduction doesn’t work to bring the size down with no loss of quality.  But I’ve added a zipped file to Dropbox here that is only 50kb.  If you’d rather a speedy download, feel free to pop there and grab it.

Popping off with high hopes that this small stamp show will grow, in time.  I also hope they will take advantage of the small number of exhibitors and not wedge them all in a small space, but give them the room to spread out.  That was always my biggest complaint about Artistamps.  And as it is going to be a hot one, a little breathing room will make it a lot better, I’m sure!


3 thoughts on “Project Life printables – and a cool free resource

  1. I love those feathers! Was the show in Newbury good? I went to Art Stamps two years ago and have wanted to go again. It falls just before my birthday, last year my son and DIL and little grandson decided to visit from Berkhamsted so I couldn’t go. This year I could have gone, my youngest wanted to go out for a birthday meal with me, and he would have been prepared to change his plans and go Friday so I could still go but I said no, let’s go for the meal – it’s not like I really need anything (apart from more CS binders).

  2. The dropbox file doesn’t send anything, it’s an empty zip file

  3. Gorgeous feathers. Happy crafty weekend, Angela x

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