Project Life printables – and a cool free resource

NOTE:  I have quite exhaustively tried to figure out a way to reduce the file size but there is no method I can find that will work, without reducing the quality.  I have one other idea that MAY work and I’ll give it a go then add a smaller PDF if it does.  And I think this works!  I had to process it a few times but I printed them and I think the quality is fine and THIS PDF is only just over 1.1 mb .  And no need for Dropbox, plus I learned something new … 

I make a lot of printables nowadays.  Many of them spring from seeing a cool image on a free-to-use or free-with attribution site, and a desire to learn something new.

AGES ago I signed up for email blasts from something called The Green Bulb Gang.  I think at the time DD was watching some show on Ceebeebies that had Green Bulb Gang in it, so when I saw the title I assumed it was something to do with that.  It wasn’t.  But I kept getting the very occasional emails and sometimes there was something great in there.  This month there is a pretty doodled feather vector that I just knew would be fab to play with.

I was learning a bit about gradients in my program a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to revisit that.  So I did.  This is what I came up with, in the hour I had before heading off to the stamp show in Newbury, the one that is filling the gap left by Artistamps ending. Not rocket science but I like how they turned out.  Using the gradient to make the dotty line was something I never tried before and I like how it turned out.


And here is a close up that shows all three feather styles


Now that file is just about 4 mb.  The quartz filter reduction doesn’t work to bring the size down with no loss of quality.  But I’ve added a zipped file to Dropbox here that is only 50kb.  If you’d rather a speedy download, feel free to pop there and grab it.

Popping off with high hopes that this small stamp show will grow, in time.  I also hope they will take advantage of the small number of exhibitors and not wedge them all in a small space, but give them the room to spread out.  That was always my biggest complaint about Artistamps.  And as it is going to be a hot one, a little breathing room will make it a lot better, I’m sure!