Another bit of an experiment – fold-over 3×4’s for Project Life

So I have been playing around with these for a while now.  It is simply beyond me to figure out a way for ANYONE to print double-sided without being a little wasteful.  The solution is to fill the entire flip side with an any-direction simple pattern. It isn’t elegant but it works. And it should work for both A4 and US letter.

My idea was to make a card with a fold-over section that would, when folded and stuck, create a pocket.  I think these fit the bill.

They look like this:




The badges and the camera sketches are free to use with attribution so the little “designed by” bit will print but won’t affect the cutting.

Each PDF is two pages.  The first page is the reverse pattern.  Here they are printed.


That is left one is less yellow-orange and more a soft warm brown IRL.

Take the sheet out of your printer.  Flip the paper over and print on the other side.  I used some double-sided linen paper, but if your paper has a more textured side use that for these decorative fronts.


Again, more a pretty yellow and less orange IRL.

Cut them out.  For the top edge, you can use decorative scissors or a border punch.  One of them has a bracket edge you can to cut – or not, as you prefer!


Score at 4 inches, making sure you are going from the blank edge towards the decorated flap, so when you fold them over…


Ta da! You can just use a very thin tape to tape the flap to the back, or cut a tab on the side and secure it at the back. Frankly, I’m not sure it is worth the effort.


6foldoverpocketI can barely see a difference and the tab makes it even thicker.


You are only losing a smidge of width so depending on what you want to slip into the pocket, it may not matter.

As an alternative, don’t stick them down – use the inside for hidden journaling. You could even stick a small photo on the top part so the fold up just overlaps it a tiny bit.  I think that would be super cute.

If you like them do let me know.  I may also make a sheet of normal 3 x 4 cards in the same style if people ask.

Get the YELLOW set here

Get the GREEN set here.  What a change from the usual pink and blue LOL!

I’m kinda keen to see if I can do a cut out version/.SVG but as the circuit box is being replaced tomorrow and I have a friend coming for lunch it may not happen any time soon!

have fun.