2016 calendar – horizontal for a change!

NOTE: Ha azért jöttél ide, a napfény illata, biztosan tetszeni fog a magyar naptár itt található

DOH!  I am beginning to think I should just give up blogging till DS and GF leave.  I somehow forgot ONCE AGAIN, to add the actual download. Is this what senility looks like!?  I fear it is.  Here is the download.   I had a nice email from a follower who wondered why I never make my calendar printables in the horizontal orientation.  I’ve no idea why not, but I just don’t.  Or should I say didn’t.  I made a pretty Sunday to Saturday 2016 calendar, with some lovely doily vectors from Veceezy.  Luckily they open nicely in my program, as they needed some tweaking to do what I wanted with them.  I like how they turned out and might make a few more this way.

2016Jan2May Normally I make the calendars four months to a page, but this time I made them five on the first two and two on the last, then added three additional journaling blocks. 2016S2Shorizontaldoily Hopefully you will find them useful.  The journaling blocks can really be used horizontal OR vertical, as you prefer. Do LMK what you think.  I’ve been quite wrapped up with some actual word, with DS and his GF being home, and a few random unexpected things.  I am hoping to get back to WOYWW next week.  Fingers crossed!

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Swirly Printables and playing with flair badges

I found a nice little vector set that was free to use, and I decided to have a play with my program, wanting to try a few things.  The first thing was to create some custom graph paper that toned colourwise with the swirls.   The graph paper generator I only uses Hex for the colour.  My program uses RGB. This is just one of MANY gridded or graph paper Incompetech offers.

graphThere is a little slider thing that should let me pick a colour if I tick CUSTOM but it won’t work in my browser.  So first I had to find the right colour in my program and note the RGB values. Then I had to plug those in to the RGB to Hex converter. Once I got the hex number I plugged that into the graph paper generator.

rgb2hexThe paper gets generated as an editable PDF, which I can open in my program and convert it to a pattern.  Once that is done I can store it and fill anything (object or text) with it. I messed with the opacity a bit so the grid wasn’t too prominent – what do you think? does it need to be lighter still??


And you can see this time I filled the empty space with a flair badge to match.  I think they look reasonably 3D and slightly shiny.  So more journaling cards that fillers, but I hope useful!

Here is the link to download!




Falling circles printables

OK, so yes, they really are more oval than circular, but still… Let’s get the link added right at the beginning, lest I forget by the time I get to the end of the post.


There is plenty of space for journaling, or even for a small photo or two, as you prefer.  I know the shape is harder to cut out that an arrow or a circle, but I thought I would fill the empty area with a few just in case you wanted to use them.  They might work with a name printed or stamped inside, linking a journaling block with a photo.  Or you can cut the inner white area and us them to frame a portion of the photo (a SMALL portion LOL!) The point is that they do have uses other than just filling the space.

Simple and colourful.  And hopefully useful.

Another full day today – get to help DS’s GF make a mini book!  Yippee!


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And yet more arrows – and yes, with a link!

DOH!  I forgot to add the link to yesterdays post.  Here are some Apology Arrows for you, to make up for it. Slightly more interesting colours and slightly different arrangement, but hopefully useful.



I can’t believe it’s WOYWW tomorrow!  I am so unprepared and so BUSY I may have to skip it.  Poo.



Still with the arrows…

Apologies for forgetting the link.  Silly me.  It’s there now.

I have never used Gradients much in designing, but today I had them in my head, no idea why, so I decided to have a play.  And, as usual, when I play around with a design, if I like it even a LITTLE, I usually share it.  How many people download it will be the feedback that decides if more are wanted.  The top five are almost always the calendars:


It just goes to show – this calendar was one I thought was OK but not my favourite.  And yet, there it is in the top 5 for the year! So 1600 people liked it enough to download it.

Anyway, like I said…arrows.  I have left space on these for journaling. Grab them HERE and sorry for forgetting the link.  Thanks Jenny!


Cute, humm?  I was also feeling like there was a little bit of wasted space, with the 5-to-a-sheet arrangement. It has to be that way to work for A4 paper, because not every printer can do borderless prints, and at 8.25 inches, usually that .25 keeps me from doing two 4″ cards side by side. I filled the gaps with some arrows, filled with the dame gradients as the cards.  They might be useful to direct the eye to a certain photo.  These could be used for layouts, or maybe even with a sentiment stamped or printed on them for a card topper.

Would you believe I am still doing laundry?  I kid you not….

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Busy bee

Just cause I didn’t blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been a busy bee. We had some really odd power issues the other day, they I had to have my annual eye test and had my eyes dilated, leaving me huddled in a dark room till my pupils adjusted.  With DS and his GF here too, there are other things competing for my time.

One thing I had to do was add a large eyelet for DS’s phone case, so he could plug in his headphone jack without the cord having to sneak out of the flap.  Easy peasy.  The GF saw some fabric I had, already partially constructed as an iPad case, but she wanted a sleeve.  Ripped it out, started again, and made THAT.


It’s just sitting here waiting to see if she wants a non-functional button added as decoration (the functional closure is velcro) and there are a few buttons from my stash for her to choose from.

I also had a bit of a play with some arrows.  There is a full sheet you can download here.


A variety of styles in a variety of colours.  But if you open the PDF in Photoshop Elements you can easily Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation and change the sheet to a colour you like.



That isn’t your only option.  You can leave the Colorize box un-ticked and it will change all the colours to different colours rather than all to different shades of a single colour.  I don’t tend to do that cause often the colours will be ugly.  There might be one or two shades I like but never all of them!

You can also use the magic wand to select a colour then Select > Similar to select all of the things that are that colour in one click


the click  EDIT> Fill Selection and pick whatever you want, a colour or even a pattern.


Using the Effects menu you can even make them look like plastic or neon!




Just have a play in whatever program you use and see what happens!

And you can punch the circles, cut them as little single elements, with a thin white border or not, or cut them as strips.





Come up with something new?  Share.  Want something specific? Size, colour, etc?  Ask.  You never know….


WOYWW 313 – post crop/post-anniversary let down

WOYWW time again.  Feels like I just returned all my visits oh wait, that’s cause I did! Ah me.  Now all the excitement over the anniversary  is over, real life once again asserts itself.  My desk is full of accounts paperwork  (ugh) and my art journal, dragged out to share with DS and his GF.  She’s been thru most of the scrapbooks and some of the DVDs of DS as a baby, so we are moving on to more crafty things.


Not at all interesting.

I did manage to get all the ATCs for the anniversary swap into one ATC holder.  Apologies for the crappy photo, but I didn’t know my batteries were dying, and there was a bit of a power issue in the area so we shut everything off for a few hours and I couldn’t re-charge them before snapping the photo to schedule. When the batteries are close to giving up the ghost, my camera will only take blurry shots.


Such a lovely variety in style and colour, and yet I absolutely adore every one of them.  Each one is a little bit from a friend to inspire me.

I did manage to get the inside of DS’s computer clean.  Ready for a scare?


Bear in mind that is two A4 sheets, the flyer.  That gives you some idea of exactly how much dust I removed.   Blocked fans are no laughing matter, and overheating is not good for a computer. I didn’t measure it but I am going to say it was over a 1/4 cup of dust.

And still working my way thru piles of laundry, only 4 more loads to go…maybe 5 …. then it’ll be regular laundry day again.  Lucky the washer and dryer are close enough to my desk I can multi-task – put in a load, visit a desk or two, switch to the dryer, desk hop some more, hang our a few things, more desks….

Let’s hope it plays out that way!  Sorry mine is so boring this week.  Bet yours is absolutely fascinating {wink}


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I encountered a little list challenge the other day – it is this one. Titled

BBC Believes You Only Read 6 of These Books…

Apparently the BBC never actually said this. The list was created by an unknown individual and spread around the internet, as things do.

I read a lot, a lot less than I used to, but still a lot.  I also KEEP a lot of books.  Rather than do what I’ve READ I ticked those that I know, with 100% certainty, I own, either here on my bookshelves or back in storage.  My results:


OK, I actually have 65, I missed Heart of Darkness but had already clicked to see my results, captured it, and converted it to a .jpg, and was too lazy to go back and do it again. I also have multiple copies of some (1984 was at home in storage, for example, and I thought DS needed to read it so I bought another copy.

That is actually not even correct.  There are 8 books that I OWN but haven’t read.  Some are because I started them and wasn’t immediately gripped by them, and some were just down to time, when another book jumped the queue and I never went back – Cloud Atlas and His Dark Materials fall in this category.  A Prayer for Owen Meany didn’t grab me like The World According to Garp (I’ve read that one SO many times, as well as many other books by John Irving just not Owen Meany) and three Jane Austen’s sit on my shelf unread, part of a Complete Works set.  I both own and have read The Neon Bible as well as A Confederacy of Dunces, but that didn’t make the list.  I’ve actually read other books by many of the authors but virtually ALL of Bill Bryson’s books.

On a whim I snapped a couple of shots of my bookshelves


Should have turned the camera portrait cause the shelf just above this one has 1984 and Brideshead Revisited!


The list did make me wonder.  There are a lot of books on my shelves that *I* think are great books that aren’t on the list and some that are on the list that make me go Meh. I would read Love in a Cold Climate and The Pursuit of Love over Austen most days, although to be fair they are apples and oranges.  Possession would make the list.  And Neuromancer would make my list – heck, The Difference Engine, cause to my mind it birthed Steampunk would too.   A Wrinkle in Time under KIDS. Perfume, and Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring under translated-from-another-language.  Homicide: a year on the killing streets (written by the David Simon, who did the TV show Homicide and eventually did The Wire) and Rivethead for factual and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas cause it’s so unique and Lonesome Dove cause it is so epic and so western, and I do love me a good western! I think all those books have at least as much to recommend them as the ones on the list.

This is a non-crafty diversion.  Sorry if you expected lovely paper or printables.  I am knee-deep in laundry and mixing that with cleaning out DS’s PC.  It’s shocking the amount of dust.  Handfuls, I kid you not. The bookshelves are in the room I am working in, next to the laundry, so I had a lot of time to think about this topic.  LOL! Now I wonder what is on YOUR list that isn’t on the actual list. Feel free to add your picks in the comments.



More planner pages

I had forgotten how much I like being able to carry my planner around, and not have to go to my computer to check my schedule.  I don’t like using my calendar on my phone, so I am seeing if I can get into the groove with a written one.  That means I have to think about what sorts on pages *I* would use.  And once I make them, obviously it makes sense to share them.  SO:

First the most useful one for any planner.  Two sheets of tabs, one with months and a few topic tabs, the other totally blank. You can write in the info or open the image in whatever program you have and overlay the text in the blank areas then print.

Blank ones are here
Months and topics are here



The topic tabs are for the more overview sheets, and I have two more versions of those.

A5 week by week

US Letter (8.5 x 11) week by week


This one could be used as an overall daily planner, if the small blocks are enough.  The large numbers denote the WEEK and the seven small boxes the DAYS.  They are unlabeled so you can date then as needed.  I will probably stamp the date number in the upper left corner of the box then write in the day or use a rolling date stamper with Monday 1 June 2015 sort of format. That would be the easiest.

But this is more for a topic sheet.  So I have my daily pages, but could also have a sheet that had just my food diary – a record of what I ate and my sugar levels, etc.  I don’t NEED to have that all in the daily section, although I could put it there on the back of the sheet where I have NOTES printed.  It all depends on how I end up using the thing.

The other is a week at a glance but different.

A5 Week + (no US letter version yet)


This may end up being the one I use most a section for the schedule items, a smaller block for daily notes, and then larger sections for stuff that doesn’t fit or needs highlighting.

Also a word about that flap arrangement.  At first I was sceptical as to how well it would work, flapping out there to the right, with no support.  BUT my planner has a little penholder tab and what works perfectly for me is to tuck the edge of the page under that, holding the sheet in place on the right so I can write, supported, like so:


The left side of the page is sort of curled out of the way.

As far as pages go, I am probably done, at least for me.  I’m open to suggestions if anyone really wants something specific that matches, but make no promises.  These are, I think, fiendishly difficult to design, and especially in both A5 and US letter.  But if you don’t ask you don’t get, so…

What I might still do is more tabs or accessories.  But not sure yet – it may take ME needing something before I go ahead and make it. I will likely update the Life is so Daily calendar for 2015, just cause this has to be my favourite design, of all I’ve ever done, but beyond that I just can’t say!

In any case I hope you find these useful.  Now I have to mix up the mustard chicken marinade.  It’s a good one, but the longer is marinate the better it is……