Making Calendars…. and an updated 2016 one


It’s been a while since I first explained how I make my calendars and as the process has been streamlined a little I thought why not go thru it again?

1.  The first critical thing is using Intaglio. OK so weird program, but most of what I do can be done in PSE just not so easy.

2. Create a file that has every month, beginning on a different day of the week



I have a number of these files – they are small and don’t take up a lot of disk space so I tend to keep them in the folder with the completed calendars. I have to go thru a process to perfectly align the columns of dates under the abbreviations for the days of the week.




3. The font change process is pretty easy – I think it is A LOT easier than in Photoshop.


All I do is highlight the date block and pick a new font.

If I change to a font that is very different, like a bouncy one, where none of the numbers sit exactly in the centre of the space, or if the space allocated to the numbers is different (a 3 is wider than a 1, for example) then I may have to go thru the alignment process again.

4.  Then it is just a matter of saving each block.  From there I can copy and paste the blocks on any decorative 3 x 4 card I create.oneweekThe thing is  the blocks don’t change significantly from year to year, only which block gets assigned to which month changes.

So I timed myself.  Cause I was curious.  It took me about 20 minutes the change my 2015 Funky Frame calendar into a 2016 one. In some ways it was easier.  And as I was using the same font, the month blocks were already perfectly aligned, the only difference was which block went with which month!


It would have been even faster had I not bothered to create the Master.  I could have just dragged the month blocks around and edited the days on the fly. But it’s worth having cause I can alter it for a totally new calendar at a later date. It only meant finding a  block starting on every day of the week and pasting it into a new file



I just copy the blocks for each month on  that page and paste them in.



I edit the things that I need to, like the year – and I can edit the text in place, with the block still grouped – and editing a month to have fewer or more days.  I always find a calendar on the internet to double-check against, and I always check at least three times to make sure I have the start and end day right for each month and the right number of days.


Using the guides I can line up the month blocks – because of little differences, the month blocks are not always perfectly aligned within the block, I eyeball the position to make sure it is pleasing to my eye anyway. The base background (the month name, year, 3 x 4 card outline, the day strip and the colourful frame) are all grouped and locked



Once that is done, I save it as a PDF.  Each page is both its own Intaglio document and its own PDF



Finally, the native Mac tools in Preview that make dealing with PDFs so easy come forward!

I open the three PDFs (4 months per page) and extend the sidebar


Ah, you can see the driveway camera there – it’s a lovely day!  But you can also see the mini version of the pages in the sidebar.  All I have to do to combine them into a single PDF is to drag them into the same file – I usually drag int the Jan to April one. You can see it sort of hovering there, ghostly, over the J to A page



It is critical that you SAVE AS at the end, so you don’t overwrite the single 4 month PDF! Once you do you get a PDF with 3 pages…


…which is ready to add for download HERE!

One advantage is for those who use the 3 x 4 calendar cards for gift projects.  You can use the 2015 version and make one incorporating the remaining months of 2015 then carrying on thru 2016 and it will all match!

So I hope that wasn’t too boring – maybe seeing how I do it will help you figure out how you can do similar in a program of your choice!



2 thoughts on “Making Calendars…. and an updated 2016 one

  1. Awesome thank you 🙂

  2. Great tutorial Mary Anne, think I might have a go at that sometime (in one of my oh so many spare moments) 😁

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