Some DIY samples (Decorate it Yourself calendars)


OK, well I had hoped I could get all 12 done, but we had a bit of a family day yesterday and I only managed a handful.  Some of them are things I already mentioned.


I have a few favourites.  The simple collage on March is one.


I really like the wrapped baker’s twine with tag for November and the inking+stenciling+stamping on January (even if I worked on it with wet hair from the shower and I smudged a bit of the A.



and the Washi-tape chaos on April and faux Letterpress with an inked embossing folder on February


You can just see the MAY, with a chunk of patterned paper filling the gap, there at the back.

The point is it is pretty easy to tie your calendar blocks in with your PL page with not a lot of work.  So go ahead and grab them here and then show me what you do with them……


4 thoughts on “Some DIY samples (Decorate it Yourself calendars)

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  4. Hi, they are so pretty and definitly what I was looking for…Your blog is such an inspirational dwell or more correct an ocean…I wish I would found the time to use all your printables and try the projects…Would it be a big thing for you to make a german version of these? You know, from Monday to Sunday and maybe the german month names…? Thanks for showing and for your work!
    Hugs from Germany,

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