3×4 Project Life Calendars…to decorate?

Being on a bit of a calendar kick , and having comments and asks for to decorate versions, I thought to myself, Why have I never done a Project Life sized blank set for people to decorate? Is it because in my head PL is all about the FAST and people won’t want to do it?  Is it because the size is a bit small (the decorating space is probably in the 2 x 3 inch range)? Or is it just because I never thought to do it and no one else thought to ask?  I’ll never know, but I’ll just add these and see if they are popular. Grab the 12 month cards and the three journaling cards here. I’ll share the Nov-Dec sheet so y0u can see what the journaling cards look like:


Seemingly fairly boring, right?  But imagine the possibilities… stamp, stencil, emboss, doodle, etc.  But it doesn’t even have to be that complicated – what about simply adding a strip of patterned paper across the top edge to tie the calendar in with something else you used on your layout?  Or go to the other extreme and create on of the little collage spots with scraps of paper, stickers, brads, mini-tags, etc?  Can I come up with 12 different techniques, one for each month? I’ve mentioned six already, are there six more?  Hummmm….