2016 Decorate it Yourself Calendars

I did try to update this post from my iPad last night but for some reason it didn’t work.  DS and I both passed in record time.  Phew.

I know what it is like when you are super keen to be getting on with a project and you can’t for whatever reason. It is SO frustrating.  So when a commenter asked me the other day when I would be doing the Decorate it Yourself 2016 calendar, all I could say was that it would happen when it happened.  But I thought back to the post I did a while back about using iPhoto (MAC only, obviously) for generating  your own printable blank version on the fly.

I went right to iPhoto and had a quick play, and refined the process, although I didn’t even know I was doing that till I checked the post after the fact! I had been frustrated with a couple of things but I think bumping up a couple of OS versions helped sort them out.  The point is I was quickly (and seriously, folk, I do mean QUICKLY – less than 30 minutes, which is all the time I had!) able to:

  • create a 2016 calendar, using the  Modern Lines calendar styles
  • make it into PDFs with one month per page, big blank top area, and with two months per page, big blan”k top area
  • use the Quartz filter to reduce the size from 4+mb to under 800 kb so they don’t take ages to download.  The quality difference is minimal.

I’d like to be able to alter the fonts, change the colour, etc. and will hope I can find the time to play with that at some point, but I’d be interested in your thoughts on these and if they are useful at all.  Is it a case of ready-now better than ready-in-a-month? Or would you rather with for one of my more decorative font ones?


That is what a page looks like with one month per sheet and here it is, two months per sheet, just to give you an idea of the space you have to decorate


I do prefer the BIG DATE style in iPhoto, but without knowing how to alter the colour of the text, I feel like the month and year, and the strip of day-names is just a bit too grayed out.  I sorted it out.  I think I can even change the font, but I’m not sure it is easier than creating one from scratch. We’ll see….


You can grab the one-month-a-sheet here and the two-month-a-sheet here. Note that the blue border is just to help you see the parameters of the page and does NOT print.