The 2016 CD calendar

As I mentioned, I’ve used the last ornate and lacy printable for the cd calendar.


You can download that here. Two months to a sheet.  I did save the smaller version, four months to a page, in case that was useful.  You could cut our the smaller block and mount it on patterned paper, for example, for a more colourful version. 2016Ornate_CD_S2S4

They print at about 3 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches.

Remember that you can always cut the CD sheet in half and trim up to a standard size then decorate, incorporating the fine cutting line – and this year the line is finer so it should nearly disappear.

Use a CD calendar cut larger and adorn with stamps and inks

Use a CD calendar cut larger and adorn with stamps and inks

I will make another one that is just the month block, for those who prefer to have a bit more space to decorate themselves, with stamping or embossing or Gelli® printing or whatever.  For those I usually slip the month down towards the bottom of the piece like I did in the original



I also usually made a circular one for the framed CD project so that may come as well, just not sure when!

Make a frame

Make a frame

It may take me a couple more weeks to get back to normal blogging, but luckily I still have printables that need just a little bit of work to make them ready to share.