Life Rules printables for Project Life

I have been seeing a couple of sets of quotes over and over again.  Funny how once you notice something it seems to be everywhere.  Some of the word pairs are the ones I used for my Two Words printables, although at the time I was just making stuff up so MY two words aren’t exactly the same as the quotes, even if the sentiment is similar.  But I went hunting to find the origin, and came up with Paulo Coelho. I really like them, and obviously they strike a chord with a lot of people.

There are two pages to this.


It may be hard to see in the smaller image, but the colourful letters are slightly sheer and overlapping.  Cause I get asked it a lot, the black font is North Point (an all time fave for sure) and the colourful one is Poplar Std.

Download them here! See? I remembered the link, YIPPEE!

So sad that is cause to celebrate…..