Another 2016 calendar – very ornate

OK so I am going to go out on a limb here.  Despite being supremely scatterbrained at the moment, with far too much on my mind, I am going to try to add these calendars that I have been working on.  Let’s see if I can get all the elements in this post.

1. Image of the printables. Check! ornate 2. The link to download them. Check! There are three blank ones at the end – pink, blue, and grey.  They would work well for a birth announcement, don’tcha think? There is a URL on the last page for the free Vecteezy file to download. The Victorian circular frames started life a bit different to how you see I used them. frames All the little blue squares denote an “object” that can be changed (colour changed, grouped with another object, resized,  flipped, deleted, duplicated, mirrored, etc. etc, nearly endlessly!) to get to what you want.  I’ve saved a little time by reusing the same month blocks as the recent doily calendar, because I think they work well with the frames.  I do plan to make these for the 2016 CD calendar, which will probably appear soon-ish. Now, don’t forget that you can either change the size by editing the PDF in Photoshop or PSE (where you can also alter the colours if my choices don’t appeal) OR you can change your printer setting to print two images per page OR you can grab this version.  They print at 2 13/16 x 2 1/8 inches and would work fine for a hand-made tear-off calendars.  They may be slightly different size-wise if you select US letter sized paper 2016S2S_ornatesmaller2 Is there a need for the previous doily set at the smaller size?  LMK.  It’s easy to do…