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{sigh} Hopeless, me….

I think I just need to give up on trying to blog until DS and his GF leave, and I either pass or fail the citizenship test next week.  There are simply too many draws on my time and stuff is slipping thru the cracks.  I once again forgot to add the actual download link to the horizontal calendar cards – I have added it to the post now and sorry to be such a tease.  Thankfully a commenter mentioned page two was missing (because I had only added the first page image as a sample and the last page to show the blank journaling cards) and I went back to check, thinking  had omitted page 2 from the download, NOT that I had omitted the download entirely.  DOH!

I was still slightly annoyed by the position of the doily on a couple of months.


It’s a little thing but it was bugging me.  I noticed after I uploaded the PDF but now I had the chance to shift it and re-upload before adding the actual link.  So every cloud…. And if you want that calendar, the original post now has the download link.  Really, I need a new tag for my posts called IDIOCY, I think….

GF and I worked from noon till about 11pm last night on her mini-book, with a break for dinner, a walk, and frisbee in the park.  It is really coming along, nearly done in fact.  If I can just keep myself from trying to take over and push her towards certain design decisions it’ll be good.  Lovely to see her sense of wonder over something as small as the Big Shot, or Distress ink, or heat embossing.  The time it is taking is more down to her wanting to try lots of stuff before deciding on something, and not a lack of skill.  And she is a natural stamper, much more careful and competent than I am.  Now I need to tidy up a bit so we can finish up today as she goes tomorrow, with DS to follow next Saturday.  Sorry again for the mix up.