Another n of THOSE posts…Printables plus.






Where to begin.. I am helping DS’s GF make a mini book.  I just can’t stop showing her cool things, techniques, options.  Really, I should just limit her choices, as a newbie paper crafter, rather than dumping my 20 years of experience and room full of product on her, but I just can’t.  She has made a few bits already and loves both those bits and the process.  I think she should be really proud of herself!


Of course, the creative loveliness comes at a price…


So what I am doing is digital design stuff.  I’ll add these printables for you.  Fun and funky and super colourful.





And one interesting thing to note.  Deli paper.  Remember how hard it was to find in the UK?  Or if you could find it, it was a stupid price for a handful of sheets, or £100 shipped from the USA?  WELL, there are a few options now on Amazon (or here)

I spied the box lurking at the side while taking the desk shot, and realized I had never shared the info.

What else am I doing?  Humm.  TRYING to tidy up ancient posts from UKScrappers and studying for the Life in the UK test.  All in all it is keeping me busy.  I probably could have added this post yesterday for WOYWW but I knew with near 100% certainty that there was no way I would get to any visits  and that isn’t very fair.  In the past when my visiting has been patchy, it’s much more because sh*t happens, and my best intentions were scuppered, rather than I KNEW I would disappoint and joined in anyway. But I had a quick look at the post and I think I did see Julia announced 2nd 2015 WOYWW crop, so I am pretty stoked about that.

Now off to do practice tests….

  1. Which of these forts were part of Hadrian’s Wall?
    (Choose any 2 answers)

    • Housesteads
    • Skara Brae
    • Sutton Hoo
    • Vindolanda


3 thoughts on “Another n of THOSE posts…Printables plus.

  1. No idea!!!
    Love the fact that you are sharing your crafty stash and vision, but never know what I could use deli paper for (is it like freezer paper, I use that)?

  2. Housesteads and Vindolanda! We lived in Northumberland for many years…it’s a wonderful place. I tried for a job at Vindolanda, just after I’d graduated in Archaeology and Geography, but they wanted someone with more experience!
    I was going to tell you about Crop the Second…but you’ve already spotted it 🙂
    LLJ xxxx

  3. Vindolanda!!!

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