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Swirly Printables and playing with flair badges

I found a nice little vector set that was free to use, and I decided to have a play with my program, wanting to try a few things.  The first thing was to create some custom graph paper that toned colourwise with the swirls.   The graph paper generator I only uses Hex for the colour.  My program uses RGB. This is just one of MANY gridded or graph paper Incompetech offers.

graphThere is a little slider thing that should let me pick a colour if I tick CUSTOM but it won’t work in my browser.  So first I had to find the right colour in my program and note the RGB values. Then I had to plug those in to the RGB to Hex converter. Once I got the hex number I plugged that into the graph paper generator.

rgb2hexThe paper gets generated as an editable PDF, which I can open in my program and convert it to a pattern.  Once that is done I can store it and fill anything (object or text) with it. I messed with the opacity a bit so the grid wasn’t too prominent – what do you think? does it need to be lighter still??


And you can see this time I filled the empty space with a flair badge to match.  I think they look reasonably 3D and slightly shiny.  So more journaling cards that fillers, but I hope useful!

Here is the link to download!