Falling circles printables

OK, so yes, they really are more oval than circular, but still… Let’s get the link added right at the beginning, lest I forget by the time I get to the end of the post.


There is plenty of space for journaling, or even for a small photo or two, as you prefer.  I know the shape is harder to cut out that an arrow or a circle, but I thought I would fill the empty area with a few just in case you wanted to use them.  They might work with a name printed or stamped inside, linking a journaling block with a photo.  Or you can cut the inner white area and us them to frame a portion of the photo (a SMALL portion LOL!) The point is that they do have uses other than just filling the space.

Simple and colourful.  And hopefully useful.

Another full day today – get to help DS’s GF make a mini book!  Yippee!