Still with the arrows…

Apologies for forgetting the link.  Silly me.  It’s there now.

I have never used Gradients much in designing, but today I had them in my head, no idea why, so I decided to have a play.  And, as usual, when I play around with a design, if I like it even a LITTLE, I usually share it.  How many people download it will be the feedback that decides if more are wanted.  The top five are almost always the calendars:


It just goes to show – this calendar was one I thought was OK but not my favourite.  And yet, there it is in the top 5 for the year! So 1600 people liked it enough to download it.

Anyway, like I said…arrows.  I have left space on these for journaling. Grab them HERE and sorry for forgetting the link.  Thanks Jenny!


Cute, humm?  I was also feeling like there was a little bit of wasted space, with the 5-to-a-sheet arrangement. It has to be that way to work for A4 paper, because not every printer can do borderless prints, and at 8.25 inches, usually that .25 keeps me from doing two 4″ cards side by side. I filled the gaps with some arrows, filled with the dame gradients as the cards.  They might be useful to direct the eye to a certain photo.  These could be used for layouts, or maybe even with a sentiment stamped or printed on them for a card topper.

Would you believe I am still doing laundry?  I kid you not….