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Busy bee

Just cause I didn’t blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been a busy bee. We had some really odd power issues the other day, they I had to have my annual eye test and had my eyes dilated, leaving me huddled in a dark room till my pupils adjusted.  With DS and his GF here too, there are other things competing for my time.

One thing I had to do was add a large eyelet for DS’s phone case, so he could plug in his headphone jack without the cord having to sneak out of the flap.  Easy peasy.  The GF saw some fabric I had, already partially constructed as an iPad case, but she wanted a sleeve.  Ripped it out, started again, and made THAT.


It’s just sitting here waiting to see if she wants a non-functional button added as decoration (the functional closure is velcro) and there are a few buttons from my stash for her to choose from.

I also had a bit of a play with some arrows.  There is a full sheet you can download here.


A variety of styles in a variety of colours.  But if you open the PDF in Photoshop Elements you can easily Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation and change the sheet to a colour you like.



That isn’t your only option.  You can leave the Colorize box un-ticked and it will change all the colours to different colours rather than all to different shades of a single colour.  I don’t tend to do that cause often the colours will be ugly.  There might be one or two shades I like but never all of them!

You can also use the magic wand to select a colour then Select > Similar to select all of the things that are that colour in one click


the click  EDIT> Fill Selection and pick whatever you want, a colour or even a pattern.


Using the Effects menu you can even make them look like plastic or neon!




Just have a play in whatever program you use and see what happens!

And you can punch the circles, cut them as little single elements, with a thin white border or not, or cut them as strips.





Come up with something new?  Share.  Want something specific? Size, colour, etc?  Ask.  You never know….