WOYWW 313 – post crop/post-anniversary let down


WOYWW time again.  Feels like I just returned all my visits oh wait, that’s cause I did! Ah me.  Now all the excitement over the anniversary  is over, real life once again asserts itself.  My desk is full of accounts paperwork  (ugh) and my art journal, dragged out to share with DS and his GF.  She’s been thru most of the scrapbooks and some of the DVDs of DS as a baby, so we are moving on to more crafty things.


Not at all interesting.

I did manage to get all the ATCs for the anniversary swap into one ATC holder.  Apologies for the crappy photo, but I didn’t know my batteries were dying, and there was a bit of a power issue in the area so we shut everything off for a few hours and I couldn’t re-charge them before snapping the photo to schedule. When the batteries are close to giving up the ghost, my camera will only take blurry shots.


Such a lovely variety in style and colour, and yet I absolutely adore every one of them.  Each one is a little bit from a friend to inspire me.

I did manage to get the inside of DS’s computer clean.  Ready for a scare?


Bear in mind that is two A4 sheets, the flyer.  That gives you some idea of exactly how much dust I removed.   Blocked fans are no laughing matter, and overheating is not good for a computer. I didn’t measure it but I am going to say it was over a 1/4 cup of dust.

And still working my way thru piles of laundry, only 4 more loads to go…maybe 5 …. then it’ll be regular laundry day again.  Lucky the washer and dryer are close enough to my desk I can multi-task – put in a load, visit a desk or two, switch to the dryer, desk hop some more, hang our a few things, more desks….

Let’s hope it plays out that way!  Sorry mine is so boring this week.  Bet yours is absolutely fascinating {wink}


24 thoughts on “WOYWW 313 – post crop/post-anniversary let down

  1. Oh my, that computer sure was dusty! Made me look at mine carefully. Luckily not as much, but still quite scary.
    Love the art journal’s cover, my kind of colours.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #60

  2. Your ATC collection is lovely, and thanks for the one you sent me, it’s lovely 🙂
    bet life will smile when the accounts are done… and I’m wondering how long it took for the computer to gather such a pile of dust?! Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #46

  3. I don’t think I’m the only one that gasped in horror on seeing that pile of dust, Mary Anne! Although I’m aware of the fan, had to have it replaced once in the almost 8 years I’ve had this PC, I’d be too nervous to open up the back to clean it out. What to do??? Think I’ll have to call out my techie man to give me a hand. Happy WOYWW and have a great week. Elizabeth x #41

    PS: Got three loads of washing out on the line today … feeling chuffed 🙂

  4. Loving your ATC storage and am glad mine fitted!! I will try and make them standard size I promise!! Take care Zo xx 33

  5. That’s not a dust bunny–that’s a dust bunny colony. That is an insane amount of dirt to get out of one computer. I once used canned air to remove an entire cat’s worth of hair from my keyboard. It didn’t work after that so apparently cat hair was an integral part of the keyboard. You got lots of nice ATCs in the mail. How fun! Judy #56

  6. Hi Mary Anne! Yes, Real Life does keep getting in the way… I used to share my workspace with the laundry – washer & dryer – and the fridge & freezer, but now I have my own Studio room – so I have to walk downstairs to take the washing into the garden or bring it in and pop it in the dryer (hardship!). That dust pile is amazing… how did you clean the computer?
    I love the colourful collection of ATC’s (even if the photo is not your best). What a lovely thing to display in your craft room!
    Happy Wednesday!
    LizzieMade #45

  7. you are SO brave – I really need to sort my fan out . I know it is full of dust , my PC is an all in one and I haven’t taken one of those apart before – I need to do it though . I bet yours is running much better now.
    Soojay 52#

  8. It’s amazing how much faster and better a computer will run if it’s not overheating. Good job, you.

    Your art journal is very interesting, but I’d have to agree that the account stuff… not so much. 🙂

    Happy creating and happy wowyww,

    Sandy #22

  9. Yes, anticipation is often more powerful than the actual event. Then comes the aftermath, which most often is a letdown. At least I have all my beautiful ATCs to still show.

    My old computer’s fan overheated once due to cat fur and (I’m sure) dust. Now I check my new one at least once a month. Thankfully, it is harder for cat fur to get into.

    Happy WOYWW from # 5.

  10. A great display of your ATC’s…all so fun and different. Thanks for the reminder…I clean mine every other month and it’s time. I’ve 2 cats so I try to keep up with it….amazing how much gets trapped in there. And I have the same camera issues, which frustrate me to no end. Anything with batteries is a pain. Rechargeable aren’t even that great anymore. Have a fun WOYWW day and thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Mary Anne, I agree, all the ATc’s were gorgeous.ROFl at all that dust- most people have no idea what the inside of their PC looks like! One of Dougs SIL’s didn’t speak to him for months over such a photo. He sorted her PC out for her, and sent her an image on FB of how much fluff was inside, I swear it looked like she’d got a dead rabbit in there. Didn’t help that she’s extremely houseproud! Looked like the MB had got a fur blanket, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xx

  12. I know all about dust and fans…its a salutory lesson and seeing it like that is really quite alarming! I’m also a bit stunned that you don’t have an ATC from me…how on earth did you manage to leave the Crop without one?!! Mind you, you wn’t get much inspiration from mine, but I do agree, they all look absolutely amazing..especially in a single display.

  13. Now you have made me wonder just how much dust has collected in my tower! Glenda #36

  14. Wow, I’d never have believed that amount of dust out of one computer – I wonder how much muck is in my keyboard – I eat toast over it every morning! I love the ATC’s – they look great in that holder too. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #28

  15. Gosh that’s a lot of dust !! Wouldn’t know how to do that !! Love your tidy desk and the idea of keeping the laundry rolling means your not really in craft mode lol

    Thanks for the snoop
    N0 24

  16. Nice tidy desk for you.
    OMG all that dust.
    The hubster is religious when it comes to cleaning out our comps and lappys bless his heart.
    He also re-installs them all every 3 months to keep them running nice and smooth.
    Drives me bloody nuts at times. No sooner do I have everything where I want it than it’s time to re-install LOL #31

  17. All that dust is so yuckeee but it’s better out than in as they say and with something so precious we need to look after it, the computer I mean not the dust. Have a good day and happy crafting, Angela xXx

  18. I’m so impressed (in an “icky” way) at the amount of dust you collected! I’m wondering how you do that?
    Many thanks for your great ATC! It is SO clever and I will have another look at your post where you made it, although I fear that all that measuring, cutting and folding might defeat me 🙂
    RosA # 25

  19. No, not boring at all!! How did you do that? I know about fans and their accumulated dirt, but I gasped as I saw your photo! Tell me how to do that please. I think we all have dirty fans….
    Have a good week,

  20. I would have no idea how to clean the insides of a computer.I thought I was good just doing the keyboard. I use alcohol wipes on the keys and my sewing machine brush to get into the spaces between the keys.That amount of dust wiould really play havoc with the electronics I’d say.

  21. It’s a bit like being in the doldrums after exams are over isn’t it? This week after all the WOYWW6 excitement!! I think it’s reflected in all the desks I’ve seen so far….mine included 🙂
    That is one scarily big heap of dust…..I wonder how long it’s been since ours were cleaned out……gonna check.
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xx

  22. my goodness that is a lot of dust! how on earth do you go about getting it thou, my laptop must have tons in it if they keyboard is anything to go by- sequins under the keys…oops!

    hopefully you can get the accounts out of the way quickly

    Happy WOYWW
    Charlie #1
    or find me here

  23. oh my!! All that dust… mine would probably be the same, I should do it but not quite sure where to start,, the fan sure does make a racket! Love the atcs, blurry or not… thanks for sharing. Helen 3

  24. Nope! Far from fascinating this week. That is a lot of dust. I know the perils though. My son’s PC tower caught on fire, while he sat in oblivion trying to harvest asparagus!

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