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I had forgotten how much I like being able to carry my planner around, and not have to go to my computer to check my schedule.  I don’t like using my calendar on my phone, so I am seeing if I can get into the groove with a written one.  That means I have to think about what sorts on pages *I* would use.  And once I make them, obviously it makes sense to share them.  SO:

First the most useful one for any planner.  Two sheets of tabs, one with months and a few topic tabs, the other totally blank. You can write in the info or open the image in whatever program you have and overlay the text in the blank areas then print.

Blank ones are here
Months and topics are here



The topic tabs are for the more overview sheets, and I have two more versions of those.

A5 week by week

US Letter (8.5 x 11) week by week


This one could be used as an overall daily planner, if the small blocks are enough.  The large numbers denote the WEEK and the seven small boxes the DAYS.  They are unlabeled so you can date then as needed.  I will probably stamp the date number in the upper left corner of the box then write in the day or use a rolling date stamper with Monday 1 June 2015 sort of format. That would be the easiest.

But this is more for a topic sheet.  So I have my daily pages, but could also have a sheet that had just my food diary – a record of what I ate and my sugar levels, etc.  I don’t NEED to have that all in the daily section, although I could put it there on the back of the sheet where I have NOTES printed.  It all depends on how I end up using the thing.

The other is a week at a glance but different.

A5 Week + (no US letter version yet)


This may end up being the one I use most a section for the schedule items, a smaller block for daily notes, and then larger sections for stuff that doesn’t fit or needs highlighting.

Also a word about that flap arrangement.  At first I was sceptical as to how well it would work, flapping out there to the right, with no support.  BUT my planner has a little penholder tab and what works perfectly for me is to tuck the edge of the page under that, holding the sheet in place on the right so I can write, supported, like so:


The left side of the page is sort of curled out of the way.

As far as pages go, I am probably done, at least for me.  I’m open to suggestions if anyone really wants something specific that matches, but make no promises.  These are, I think, fiendishly difficult to design, and especially in both A5 and US letter.  But if you don’t ask you don’t get, so…

What I might still do is more tabs or accessories.  But not sure yet – it may take ME needing something before I go ahead and make it. I will likely update the Life is so Daily calendar for 2015, just cause this has to be my favourite design, of all I’ve ever done, but beyond that I just can’t say!

In any case I hope you find these useful.  Now I have to mix up the mustard chicken marinade.  It’s a good one, but the longer is marinate the better it is……

3 thoughts on “More planner pages

  1. I just love the way that you do and reasoning behind your planner pages. These are some the best, user-friendly, customizable and bright and cheery planner pages that I have see any where hands down. I think they are awesome! Jill (Coastal GA, USA)

  2. Thanks so much for all your work and sharing it with us…it’s highly appreciated…
    Hugs from Germany,

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