WOYWW 311 – post crop

Hello my WOYWW mates! Lovely crop day Saturday, but so sad it’ll be another year before we get another one.  It’ll take that long for Jan and Julia to recover, poor things.

I won’t spoil any surprises but I collected a huge pile of ATCs.

I also got some goodies from other WOYWWers – the most wonderful pile of books from My Name is Cindy


The bottom one is a large print dictionary and is my favourite thing EVER.  Well, almost.  I used a page for a little Turkish Map Fold book, just one page in the centre.


More on that another day, but a lot of what is one my desk is debris from that


On the floor is more crop goodies – bits of a map from the freebie table of the home of my table mate Cardarian (Slovenia), and my family’s heritage, Italy.  I have a plan. We’ll see if it turns out.



I got to pick fairly early on from the raffle table.  I picked this gorgeous heart from Debbie of Tattered Rocks. So pretty, DD almost claimed it.


And finally this pretty coaster from FairyThoughts Janet.  I adore it.


And finally, DH got a small dash-cam from the RAC to review, and he had problems with the brightness of the screen (it’s always on) so he wanted me to make a little cover for it.


The little lens just fits a 1″ circle punch and the flop over piece helps it stay in place.  There are little plug-in ports (four!) on the various edges so it wasn’t as simple as it could have been. So that’s my desk this week.  From here on out I will be working on the last few ATCs I owe to crop folk and those I arranged swaps with.  They went so fast!  I swear next year I am making nice but simple….

yeah. right….





More tabs

This is the third set.  It’s the one I am less keen on, but I made them so I am adding them.


You can grab them here.

Here is a look at the dotty one that is over on UKS.  I realize the trio image might have been too small to read, esp. on a phone.  Sorry about that.  You have to be a member to download it from UKS, or any of the many other printables in that section.  I’ll possibly add this one over here if there is enough interest.


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Extra printable for the UKS Project Life Challenges

I always get carried away.  I make a set, then I think I wonder…would this or that be better? and then I make THAT one, then I can’t decide which to add for the official challenge so I share them all.  It’s a curse {wink}

The primary set, the dotty ones, are over on UKS.

This set works the same way.  And I have a third version for tomorrow. You can see a sneaky peek at all three here.


I’ll add the striped ones today and the grid ones tomorrow.  I’ve varied the words and colour combos across the three sets and although the colours aren’t exactly matching, they don’t look bad together.

It may seem odd that the words are printed in a column but it’s always been a pet peeve of mine that commercial ones are always reversed.  That works great if you want the them on the side of something, or want it to read the same way from the front and from the back.  But what if I want to vary the location of the tabs?  THIS way they work at the top of a photo, on the sides (reading up or down – I like reading UP on the left and DOWN on the right) but also at the bottom of a photo.


And you can score them slightly one way or the other, to vary how thick the tab is.  The top one is just a bit fatter. And the circles work the same.  They help hide the date stamp that I always seem to have on photo from the 90s…


For the flags, they really only work at the top of the photos.


The little arrows work multiple ways.  If you add them with the white bit flush to the top, you have room to write a few words


but if you score them at the bottom of the colour they are more decorative.  You can also either cut them out totally or, if you are happy to disguise the faint line somehow, cut them with a longer white area attached. So for example you could extend the white area so the arrow part is closer to the ice cream if you wanted.  They should layer up nicely with other bits.  Have fun and if you do something totally radical with them, do share!


2016 Spanish, 2 ways

I had a comment last week asking about an update to my 2015 Spanish calendars.  The commenter was  from Puerto Rico and said that, while they follow the usual Spanish format or lower case for month and days (and she helpfully checked with a local Spanish teacher for a confirmation) they use the US format of starting the week on Sunday.  From past research I know this is a bit unusual, but it also occurred to me that Spanish-speaking resident of the USA might prefer a Spanish language calendar that begins on a Sunday too! So I made both. You can see some of the colours below.

Get the lu to do (Monday to Sunday) version here.



Get the do to sa (Sunday to Saturday) version here.



Do remember that although these are perfectly sized for Project Life, they can easily be reduced to create tear-offs or used in a wide variety of calendar projects.  Try clicking the menu at the top and find links to many past posts that will give details.

I’ll sort out new French ones soon.

Luckily I had these done as I am pretty knackered from the oh-so-joyful WOYWW crop yesterday. I gave away so many ATCs I have to make a handful more to fulfil my obligations. Oops!


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Those stripes again – Currently: journaling cards for Project Life

So sometimes, I make something and I file it away (mentally – I’m not organized enough to actually file it, just ask poor DH) with the idea to update it at a later date.  Then I get a new idea and I follow thru on that instead. But I always watch the things that get downloaded the most, as it gives me an idea of what people like, and (I hope) use.  So I know there aren’t a lot of Buckaroo Banzai fans out there LOL!  And I also know that the CURRENTLY I AM: cards I did a while back have remained popular.

Now, part of what I like about the look of a Project Life page is that there is a riot of colour, a mix of styles and it all just reminds me of a patchwork quilt.  But it takes a particular skill to mix things up so they look good.  And not everyone is comfortable with that.

I have a colour palette that I tend to use.  One thing I like about Intaglio is the colour wells – I do wish there were more of them!


I tend to make columns or blocks of colours – that first one is one of the PL card sets, I can’t recall which at the moment – so I can use the same colour sets again and again.  There are actually little groups within that grid that *I* recognize (I can see Honey, for sure.) So while not all my sets work perfectly together, there will be repeated colours that I hope make them more likely to “go” IYKWIM.

THIS time I thought I would combine two sets.  So I took the idea of the Currently cards (another set here) and the striped background from the recent 2016 calendar set, and came up with this:


They have faint dotted lines to keep your journaling in line.


There are some of both orientation, and a mix of colours.

You can download the two-page PDF  here. Hopefully you will find them useful.  And any feedback or thoughts on sets that work together would be interesting.

I did get a specific request for a Spanish 2016 calendar, but with a Sunday start date (not the usual Monday one) so will add that as soon as I do the Monday one to match.  Probably do a French set at some point as well.  So if that is something you want again for 2016, watch this space!



Happy WOYWW.  Nearly crop day!  YAY!  My desk is actually pretty tidy.

A little pile of partially done ATCs and a little hat – I’m playing around with a pattern.  It’s cute, but hard to see in variegated yarn.




I mean, I know charity knitting should ideally be quick and easy, but sometimes, just round after round of stockinette gets boring.


I may write up the pattern.  But not yet.  I still have one element of the ATC to complete and a few more to make so I have enough to swap at the crop!

Busy day, with a few appointments so better get moving! I’ll be popping round to as many desks as I can after one early morning task.  See you at yours soon 🙂




2016 Calendar – too soon?

I have been loving my stripes, same as the ones from yesterday, and thought they would look nice on a calendar set, something a little different.  I am also reminded I haven’t made any month cards in a while (ones without the date and calendar grid, so usable any year) and am thinking about those.  I think, really, I am just putting of finishing up the more organized Project Life page in the menu at the top.  I know I need to sort it, it’s just boring and time-consuming.

Anyway here is a w i d e image of all three groups


You can grab the three page PDF here and I hope you fide them useful, now or in a few months.

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Another set – colourful arrows Printables for Project Life

Here is another of my slightly odd sets.  These are odd because they have drop shadows.


They were just a bit of play, that I quite liked at this point, so I stopped playing and made the PDF.  I don’t see a lot of Project Life stuff with drop shadows, (although to be fair I haven’t looked too much at digital PL) but I liked the definition the slight shadow gave.  I also liked the layering of different colour but similar stripes.  I wasn’t really thinking BOY and GIRL colours just ones I liked in combo.  THIS and THAT are meant to work as a pair, but THIS can be used on its own.  You can grab them here and any feedback on the addition of the drop shadow would be welcome.

VERY busy day today, as DH and DD have their passport interviews, the cleaner is here, the alarm maintenance visit is scheduled and we are awaiting a couple of deliveries. {sigh} No rest for the wicked….


Slide mount printables for Project Life

Had a busy few days, but I thought I would just take a moment to finish up a couple of things I’ve worked on but not completed.  There are three or four things, all a bit .. well, not ODD, per se, but maybe a little non-standard.  This one is probably the most normal.  I’ve done (and seen done) plenty 0f Polaroid photo frames printables. But my parents have sold and are moving out of our family home back in the States and chatting to my Dad (and threatening him with dire consequences if he throws out any photos) it appears while there are plenty of PHOTOS there are a lot more SLIDES.  That made me want to make these:


Obviously the proportions aren’t exactly as the original slide mounts but have been adjusted to fit the Project Life sizing.  The black box would get replaced with a photo (or maybe cut away and backed with a photo) or you could write on it with a white pen, I suppose.I’ve done one in the traditional red and then two blue, two pink, one each orientation.  That should hopefully cover the greatest range of needs in the 5-per-page limit.  Grab the PDF here and I hope you find them useful!


ATC holder folder

So I just had to work it out.  And I obviously can’t keep it to myself till next year’s ATC swap, so although this has a WOYWW theme, it is easily adaptable for other sorts of swaps.  I may take the time to work up a printable, more generic version others could use for their own swaps, at some point.

I am loving my monster monitor, btw.


The placement of the printed images was the tricky bit.  This isn’t the final one, as you can see a couple of bits are ever so slightly off perfect placement


That is the outside – an ATC fits that flap pocket.  And likewise the inside:


Room for an ATC or two or even three, and a little pressie of the flat and small kind.  I think it I were using the folder AS an ATC I would stick the ATC back, for all the info, to the outside, so it couldn’t get lost or slip out. But as a folder to hold it, not every pocket HAS to be filled. As for the side openings, you can slip a ribbon right thru from side to side, creating a tie. Or stick it to the inside before you tuck in the corners

And, yes, I am sorry to say, the text is all too accurate…