Planner bits – Life is SO daily…

I am still working out the best and easiest way to print, and how best to accommodate A4 and US letter.  I think it is near impossible for one printable to work for both.  And that is before I even consider what sort of pre-set margins people might have on their printers, if they know how to change the setting (or would want to!)  and if I create a PDF based on borderless printing and their printer doesn’t have that option, what then?

Minefield, yes?  Yes.

What I think I CAN do is add the single PDF sheet of the Month tabs and the notable dates circle markers.  Get it here.

I’ve removed the black box – I love the boldness of it, but it’s ink-intense to print and bleeds thru on thin printer paper. This is where the design is at the moment.  I’ve made the tabs a bit smaller and sized so scoring in half leaves a bit of the colourful strip on one side and a bit on the back



and I’ve added some blank circles so you can use them for other things.


They can be folded over, like in the above photo, or left as circles



Hopefully after the big WOYWW post tomorrow I’ll get the pages added for anyone who wants to use them.

Such a crazy day – honestly I haven’t stopped since I got up and I still have at least 3 -4 more hours to get in.  DS is coming home this weekend with his girlfriend and I am nowhere near ready!