A planner…

I have had more than a few comments asking me why I don’t make planners.  Quite a while ago I started playing with the idea, based on one of my first printables.  I’ve not gotten far, but it’s coming along.  I am hoping, now my final ATCs are mostly made, that I can finish it up.  I had hoped to be to a point to add the actual downloads today, as I will be out and about, but I’m just not there yet.  I will show you what they are going to look like

There is a DAILY PLANNER page.  I am trying to get it to the point that it prints on both sides and lines up reasonably well enough to print, flip  print, and cut to make two double-sided pages.  The issue is with the black box.  See how it bleeds thru on thin paper?


It’s a matter of flipping the header but still having it work for A4 and US letter paper both.  It may not work no matter what I do but I have a couple more ideas to try.


There is a weekly sheet that can be used for anything – meal planning, exercise routine, blogging schedule, whatever.  That page is meant to be folded and punched only on one side, like so:


The back has NOTES: lines and that could also be printed on the back of the daily pages but dang that would be a LOT of notes!



Finally there is a sheet of monthly tabs with some circles that can be added to edges to mark Birthdays, appointments, etc. so you can see them upcoming.  I would have taken a photo but I am getting a LOT of pressure to get moving and step away from the blog!


So that is where I am.  All you planner-mavens and followers or commenters who have asked me about planners, feel free to wade in during the planning the planner stage LOL!

Enjoy your day –  I will!