WOYWW 311 – post crop

Hello my WOYWW mates! Lovely crop day Saturday, but so sad it’ll be another year before we get another one.  It’ll take that long for Jan and Julia to recover, poor things.

I won’t spoil any surprises but I collected a huge pile of ATCs.

I also got some goodies from other WOYWWers – the most wonderful pile of books from My Name is Cindy


The bottom one is a large print dictionary and is my favourite thing EVER.  Well, almost.  I used a page for a little Turkish Map Fold book, just one page in the centre.


More on that another day, but a lot of what is one my desk is debris from that


On the floor is more crop goodies – bits of a map from the freebie table of the home of my table mate Cardarian (Slovenia), and my family’s heritage, Italy.  I have a plan. We’ll see if it turns out.



I got to pick fairly early on from the raffle table.  I picked this gorgeous heart from Debbie of Tattered Rocks. So pretty, DD almost claimed it.


And finally this pretty coaster from FairyThoughts Janet.  I adore it.


And finally, DH got a small dash-cam from the RAC to review, and he had problems with the brightness of the screen (it’s always on) so he wanted me to make a little cover for it.


The little lens just fits a 1″ circle punch and the flop over piece helps it stay in place.  There are little plug-in ports (four!) on the various edges so it wasn’t as simple as it could have been. So that’s my desk this week.  From here on out I will be working on the last few ATCs I owe to crop folk and those I arranged swaps with.  They went so fast!  I swear next year I am making nice but simple….

yeah. right….