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Extra printable for the UKS Project Life Challenges

I always get carried away.  I make a set, then I think I wonder…would this or that be better? and then I make THAT one, then I can’t decide which to add for the official challenge so I share them all.  It’s a curse {wink}

The primary set, the dotty ones, are over on UKS.

This set works the same way.  And I have a third version for tomorrow. You can see a sneaky peek at all three here.


I’ll add the striped ones today and the grid ones tomorrow.  I’ve varied the words and colour combos across the three sets and although the colours aren’t exactly matching, they don’t look bad together.

It may seem odd that the words are printed in a column but it’s always been a pet peeve of mine that commercial ones are always reversed.  That works great if you want the them on the side of something, or want it to read the same way from the front and from the back.  But what if I want to vary the location of the tabs?  THIS way they work at the top of a photo, on the sides (reading up or down – I like reading UP on the left and DOWN on the right) but also at the bottom of a photo.


And you can score them slightly one way or the other, to vary how thick the tab is.  The top one is just a bit fatter. And the circles work the same.  They help hide the date stamp that I always seem to have on photo from the 90s…


For the flags, they really only work at the top of the photos.


The little arrows work multiple ways.  If you add them with the white bit flush to the top, you have room to write a few words


but if you score them at the bottom of the colour they are more decorative.  You can also either cut them out totally or, if you are happy to disguise the faint line somehow, cut them with a longer white area attached. So for example you could extend the white area so the arrow part is closer to the ice cream if you wanted.  They should layer up nicely with other bits.  Have fun and if you do something totally radical with them, do share!