Those stripes again – Currently: journaling cards for Project Life

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So sometimes, I make something and I file it away (mentally – I’m not organized enough to actually file it, just ask poor DH) with the idea to update it at a later date.  Then I get a new idea and I follow thru on that instead. But I always watch the things that get downloaded the most, as it gives me an idea of what people like, and (I hope) use.  So I know there aren’t a lot of Buckaroo Banzai fans out there LOL!  And I also know that the CURRENTLY I AM: cards I did a while back have remained popular.

Now, part of what I like about the look of a Project Life page is that there is a riot of colour, a mix of styles and it all just reminds me of a patchwork quilt.  But it takes a particular skill to mix things up so they look good.  And not everyone is comfortable with that.

I have a colour palette that I tend to use.  One thing I like about Intaglio is the colour wells – I do wish there were more of them!


I tend to make columns or blocks of colours – that first one is one of the PL card sets, I can’t recall which at the moment – so I can use the same colour sets again and again.  There are actually little groups within that grid that *I* recognize (I can see Honey, for sure.) So while not all my sets work perfectly together, there will be repeated colours that I hope make them more likely to “go” IYKWIM.

THIS time I thought I would combine two sets.  So I took the idea of the Currently cards (another set here) and the striped background from the recent 2016 calendar set, and came up with this:


They have faint dotted lines to keep your journaling in line.


There are some of both orientation, and a mix of colours.

You can download the two-page PDF  here. Hopefully you will find them useful.  And any feedback or thoughts on sets that work together would be interesting.

I did get a specific request for a Spanish 2016 calendar, but with a Sunday start date (not the usual Monday one) so will add that as soon as I do the Monday one to match.  Probably do a French set at some point as well.  So if that is something you want again for 2016, watch this space!


One thought on “Those stripes again – Currently: journaling cards for Project Life

  1. You are so generous with everything you create. Thank you for all the PL printable so you share. You are so very creative and talented. I appreciate you.

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