Happy WOYWW.  Nearly crop day!  YAY!  My desk is actually pretty tidy.

A little pile of partially done ATCs and a little hat – I’m playing around with a pattern.  It’s cute, but hard to see in variegated yarn.




I mean, I know charity knitting should ideally be quick and easy, but sometimes, just round after round of stockinette gets boring.


I may write up the pattern.  But not yet.  I still have one element of the ATC to complete and a few more to make so I have enough to swap at the crop!

Busy day, with a few appointments so better get moving! I’ll be popping round to as many desks as I can after one early morning task.  See you at yours soon 🙂




26 thoughts on “WOYWW 310

  1. Hi Maryann my hat goes off to you for your contribution to charity and those little hats are always in high demand. Lucky you for going to the crop too, have heaps of fun and eat that yummy food that is being prepared.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #67
    Very late to the party

  2. Like the variegated yarn, it’s really cheery! a and how like you to create change for the sake of changes, you are one of the most natural incentives I’ve ever met. Saturday is starting to look real at last!

  3. Ooooh! Seeing your pile of ATCs I’m wondering if I need to make more…. Love your knitting! Looking forward to seeing you! Chrisx 55

  4. Love that wee little hat you’ve knitted up. You can tell it has an interesting pattern on it. I would love to put it on Dio’s head but then he wouldn’t be my friend anymore. Have fun! Judy #59

  5. WordPress and I have come to an agreement to disagree. So I’m still trying to figure out how to leave a comment. That’s a nice grouping of caps! And ATCs. Today’s theme is groups of? That is a very tidy desk : D. Happy WOYWW! #58

  6. The little hat is just so sweet, Mary Anne. Have a great time at the crop and a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth x #49

  7. Lovely colors in that varigated yarn. The hat is adorable. I couldn’t really see the ATC’s much with my stupid new ..but I am sure they are wonderful! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio

  8. Cheeky! If you must know, I was in Tesco’s at 7.45 this morning, spending quite a lot of money on nosh!!! But cook up day is on Friday, lol!
    I don’t know if I’m going to take anything to make…might just bring some yarn and needles to do some preemie hats, if there’s time. Looking forward to catching up with you!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  9. Looking forward to seeing you. Love your pics and the knit! Take care Zo xx 51

  10. Hat is sooo cute! Your ATCs will be adorable. Have fun! Sandy Leigh #52

  11. Not started my ATC’s yet – Your desk looks So tidy! Thanks for stopping by earlier Soojay 18#

  12. Hi Mary Anne, cute hat and a very interesting pile of ATCs. Have a great week RobynO#15

  13. Hi Mary Anne, how tidy is that desk? I wish, lol. Mine only ever looks like that if I’ve cleared it off to move it so I can clean the window, rofl. See you Saturday, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

  14. What a lovely desk this morning. I’m loving that sweet little hat and your ATC’s look wonderful! Glenda #39

  15. Hi Mary Anne. Yes, indeed, long time no visit from me! Sorry – life does have that habit sometimes, doesn’t it? I just LOVE that hat – it’s so cute!! Enjoy your charity knitting. I know what you mean about always doing the quickest and easiest… sometimes you just want to do your own pattern etc. I have been sewing together squares others have knitted for three years now – decided I wanted to do a blanket all of my own – so crocheted that blue and white stripey one – and have now decided to do another, but this time big enough for a single bed!!! Honestly, as if I had any spare time – but, hey… it’s fun to do for a change. “The course” sounds amazing – an hour in the gym for John, then an hour’s talk on different aspects of bronchiectasis – diet, exercise, breathing techniques, etc. I’m taking a good book…
    Take care. God bless – enjoy the ATC swap

  16. Looks like a great pattern in the making. Annie and I have sent our ATCs to Julia for the crop. x Jo

  17. Your ATCs look very interesting maybe we will get to see them better after the swap. Lovely little hat too. I wish I could be with you on Saturday but sure you will all have a great time. Maybe we should have a video link. Anyway, have a great day and happy crafty woyww, Angela x 34

  18. Oh my goodness look at all those ATC’s. Someones been a busy bunny. #31

  19. Sounds like you are nearly ready for the crop. those ATCs are gorgeous. Far better than mine, of course. I’ll be there in spirit, so hope to see pictures. Happy last Wed before the crop from #9.

  20. I am only making one this year…ATC that is. Normally I do a huge swap, but our post is a little iffy at the moment, so hopefully my one will get where it should. Love the little hat. #17

  21. I understand the need to change things up. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    Fiona #7

  22. have a great time at the crop, the ATC’s are looking great and the hat is very cute 🙂
    Happy WOYWW thanks for sharing

    Charlie.x #13

  23. You are on top of the ATCs! I need to get cracking!

    Create With Joy – #12

  24. Hi Mary Anne,
    Julia has some ATCs from me. One is for you if you would still like to swap. She also has my address.
    Have a great time on Sat 🙂
    RosA #8

  25. Cute hat!! love your pile of atc’s – can’t wait to see you on Saturday. I think we’re arriving at the station at the same time (may even be the same train as I’ll be on, judging by the time Julia said you were “landing”) – see you then!! Helen 4

  26. That hat is so sweet looking plus your ATC look wonderful
    Please let me know if you would still like swap and just send me your snail mail 🙂
    hugs Nikki no # yet

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