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Another set – colourful arrows Printables for Project Life

Here is another of my slightly odd sets.  These are odd because they have drop shadows.


They were just a bit of play, that I quite liked at this point, so I stopped playing and made the PDF.  I don’t see a lot of Project Life stuff with drop shadows, (although to be fair I haven’t looked too much at digital PL) but I liked the definition the slight shadow gave.  I also liked the layering of different colour but similar stripes.  I wasn’t really thinking BOY and GIRL colours just ones I liked in combo.  THIS and THAT are meant to work as a pair, but THIS can be used on its own.  You can grab them here and any feedback on the addition of the drop shadow would be welcome.

VERY busy day today, as DH and DD have their passport interviews, the cleaner is here, the alarm maintenance visit is scheduled and we are awaiting a couple of deliveries. {sigh} No rest for the wicked….