Slide mount printables for Project Life

Had a busy few days, but I thought I would just take a moment to finish up a couple of things I’ve worked on but not completed.  There are three or four things, all a bit .. well, not ODD, per se, but maybe a little non-standard.  This one is probably the most normal.  I’ve done (and seen done) plenty 0f Polaroid photo frames printables. But my parents have sold and are moving out of our family home back in the States and chatting to my Dad (and threatening him with dire consequences if he throws out any photos) it appears while there are plenty of PHOTOS there are a lot more SLIDES.  That made me want to make these:


Obviously the proportions aren’t exactly as the original slide mounts but have been adjusted to fit the Project Life sizing.  The black box would get replaced with a photo (or maybe cut away and backed with a photo) or you could write on it with a white pen, I suppose.I’ve done one in the traditional red and then two blue, two pink, one each orientation.  That should hopefully cover the greatest range of needs in the 5-per-page limit.  Grab the PDF here and I hope you find them useful!