Happy WOYWW to all.

This week I stumbled across a quote that could be the WOYWW motto. OK so the researchers were referring to Einstein’s desk, but still…

Mess isn’t necessarily the absence of order.  A messy desk can be a highly effective prioritising and accessing system. The more important, urgent work tends to stay near the top of the clutter, while the safely ignorable stuff tends to get buried.

Yep.  That’s my desk to a T.  At the top is the box with the ATCs for the swap,  then some printables and a book folding pattern I want to try as soon as I get a thick enough book, and there is a completed sock and a 2nd sock partly done, and some beads, and right at the bottom there is some notes for something I don’t have to worry about till November!



So looking forward to the crop….will I see YOU there?


14 thoughts on “WOYWW 309

  1. So that’s how it happens!! Great quote! Love the variety on your desk! Yes – will see you at the crop….with the things i said I would post!!! Chrisx 49

  2. I do like that saying. In my case it is the latest stuff that is on top…not because it is more important…it is often hiding the most important stuff from view and therefore action…#11

  3. Great quote and I agree with Angela – the sytem works until theres no room left to work ( often the case on my desk!) Crop is too far for me -Have fun x

  4. You sure will see me at the crop, can’ t wait. Love that quote. Suits many crafters! Take care Zo xx 53

  5. Hi Mary Anne. I fully agree with the quote, the only problem I have with it is that it gets to the stage where there is no-where to work.
    What am I thinking there’s always the floor!
    Wish I could join you all at the crop but it’s just a bit too far however I will be thinking about you all having fun.
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  6. Aah, so that’s what this mess is – a sensible filing system….. Though I might challenge that when I spend an hour looking for one little die that I have cast unceremoniously into the muddle. What sort of size book are you looking for? We are always throwing stuff out, I might even have one in my ‘things I am going to alter cupboard. Could bring to the crop if you can wait that long because YES, you WILL see me there. Happy WOYWW Cindy #38

  7. Great quote – Happy WOYWW – BJ#35

  8. Love the quote, was actually talking about ‘storage systems’ with my eldest son yesterday. We both adhere pretty firmly to this system of piles, and know where in the pile everything is. This drives my dear DIL batty, as she is such a neat freak, she scares herself sometimes! Yes, we’ll see you at the crop, Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #31 xxx

  9. I would love to come to the crop, but it is a bit far for me. Oh, and of course I agree with your quote.
    Gabriele 15

  10. I have to agree on that quote for some people. Just depends on how you need to organize your space
    Happy woyww
    Hugs Nikki

  11. What a great quote, I think we can all relate to that one!! have a great week and see you soon! Helen, missing linky but there!

  12. I can so relate to this. Thanks for sharing. It is always good to be validated that i am normal.

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