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Printable for NSD – Project Life-sized

I have been seeing notices for National Scrapbooking Day, and as I am cropping, I thought I would make a printable to add that day.  But then I wondered.  INTER National Scrapbooking Day was back in March, and I saw alerts to the 2016 date. So is NSD just for the States?  I don;t think the UK has declared it’s own NSD, just joining in with the INSD, but I had made the printables already so what to do, what to do?

I ended up adding them over n UKS the other day but will add them here. I’m still cropping on Saturday, determined not to let ANYTHING interfere, despite DHs best efforts to scupper my plans. These are both FOR and ABOUT scrapbooking.  A couple might work for layouts, but they are sized for Project Life so work for that as well.


Mostly free vectors, although the “polaroid” heart is just a white rectangle+black square, layered and skewed one at a time.  I think the font was Hyrule, a favourite. Grab them here and Happy scrapbooking day tomorrow, wherever you are.