A little swap with a commenter


I have the best followers.  One of them, Diana, lives in Oregon.  She commented on my WOYWW crop ATC and asked about a swap, so we arranged it.  I actually got these a couple of weeks back, but hadn’t shared them.  I really don’t do a lot of ATCs.  Sometimes when I just crave doing something crafty but life is hectic (like it seems to be nowadays) I’ll carve out a little time and make a couple.  I told her I don’t have but a few and picked out what I hoped was a nice one for her.  She, on the other hand, went over and above, sending me not one but a whole pile of ATCs. Had I know I would have made more!

Look at the variety:



Isn’t The Dark Horse cute? And the Mad Hatter? And don’t you love the pretty butterfly (the photo doesn’t do it justice) and the real shell pieces on the “beach”? I should have taken off the little plastic protectors.  I did with this one, perhaps my favourite.  I love the look of it and the title – perfect.


I guess I have ATCs on my mind, as I am prepping a pile of them so I can have a productive day on Saturday.  I want to go to the WOYWW crop with a stockpile of swap ATCs cause there are always on-the-fly swaps arranged there, as well as people from far flung places who send ATCs you might not be expecting, that say they aren’t expecting a swapsie.  But I want to be ready with one to drop in the envelope.

Thanks Diana.

3 thoughts on “A little swap with a commenter

  1. Wow so kewl to have so many sent at once I’m always amazed how how different they all are such tiny works of art 🙂
    I have to make some more for random swapping to 🙂

  2. Great collection of ATC’s…. aren’t woyww’s generous? Enjoy your woyww crop and swap. If you are interested in doing a woyww ATC mail swap send me an email
    sandra de @42

  3. Wow, call me surprised this am to see what I sent you. I’m so pleased you liked them. Have a fun time at your swap.
    Hugs from the Oregon coast.

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