Happy WOYWW Day!  The crop draws ever nearer.  Working on my stack of ATCs and trying to get the adhesive right.  Really, for crafters, is there anything more frustrating than trying to find the right adhesive for the job?  The one that marries form and function?


What else? Another couple of background pieces for the ATCs there in the front.  Oh yes, my washi tape phone case.  DD and I had a girlie Mom & Daughter day a week or so back (shopping, movie, lunch) and at lunch she added the googgly eyes and sticker smile to the back.


It’s on my desk because I have taken something like 200+ photos and never moved them to my Mac.  This one I took of the menu, with the macro lens, thru the ice in my water glass.  I really like it.


And this label that came on one of DHs spice shipments. Made me smile so I snapped a photo to drop in the IM window to make hubby smile too.


Lastly, there at the back, my new stack of preemie beanies.


As much as I dislike purling, and knitting rib, I decided to have a go at that pattern.  No denying it’s cute, but the rolled brim ones are a LOT easier…

Have a great WOYWW day.

23 thoughts on “WOYWW 308

  1. The background for your ATCs lookes amazing, love it! Your phonecase makes me smile, the eyes your daughter added finish it off perfectly! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, happy (one day after) woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #36

  2. Look at all of those fun creative tools and such on your desk. Very creative! Happy WOYWW!

  3. More gorgeous little hats, love them. Do you know, I have paid lots of pennies for good glue and I happened to buy some of the PVA glue from The Works which is so cheap and it is brilliant and comes in great big bottles so I decant it into the small bottles when they are empty. Have a great woyww, Angela x

  4. Busy things going on. I absolutely love the googly eyes with smile.
    happy woyww
    pat #54

  5. Love the hats so cute. Your phone made me smile, love the googly eyes. Cx #49

  6. Oh yes I do SO agree about the right adhesive … I know I waste far too much Glossy Accents but nothing is falling off my crafting so I err on the side of caution!!!!! LOVE the label on your spices … great humour there! Looking forward to seeing you again at Burbage … not long now! Love Debbie #18 xXx

  7. Hi Mary Anne, love the googly eyes and smile on your case. Great ATC backgrounds too, loving the colours. The spice label is very funny, you have to wonder if they kept getting their parcels confiscated! Looking forward to seeing you at the Crop, Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #12 xx

  8. Great idea to use washi tape! I too giggled when I read the notice about the spices.
    Have agr3at week,

  9. Oh glues – I hear you!
    I love the phone cover.
    I wonder how many packages were opened for the company to feel the need to put that sticker on?!
    Happy Deskday

  10. Love the prem hats they are so cute. The BG for your ATC’s is lovely and colourful, hope you show the finished cards.
    jan no 37

  11. Aargh hate auto correct mean not “always” glue is the answer.


  12. Ahhhh, Mary Anne, so agree, there is adhesive and there is adhesive… Not lady’s glue is the answer either. Have taken to using silicone on 3d get it for Joanna Sheen, one that Debby Yates uses on her blog and it is great.

    Love your colourfully done background,and washi on hone cover, mm would love to do it but it wouldn’t last long methinks???

    Sorry not going to commit to atc’s till have them made, as not sure how many will get done. I owe one from last year at least 🙂 to Rpbyn Oliver, not that she will have remembered 🙂 life is so topsy-turvy not sure what is going to happen in a few weeks time at the moment.

    Happy WOYWW, thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x #23

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  13. Lovethe phone! Pretty sure I have a plain white case somewhere that may have to get doctored. Glue – well how long have you got? I can see seven different types on my desk without going all specialised LOL. However the biggest frustration with glue is clogged up nozzles, runners that go off the rails and the brushes I fail to wash out before they go hard. Looking forward to the crop though whether I’ll have any ATCs is up for debate!! Cindy x

  14. I love the washi tape phone, what an ingenious idea and a great way to use up those tapes. Those hats are so cute. No you didnt tell me you wanted to swap ATCS with me. email me your address and I’ll send mine too

  15. I’m always on the hunt for just the right glue. I have several bottles just collecting dust because they are not able to cross from one project to another. Oh to find a glue that would do it all! Love your space…those sweet baby caps are so nice. What a great project!
    Glenda #33

  16. I think I could easily write a thesis on adhesives! Sometimes I put off finishing things because I simply can’t decide which glue to use! I must have about a dozen different sorts, at the very least. The subject at least deserves an entire post, I think 🙂
    I am sending a batch of ATCs direct to Julia to swap out (assuming they get there in time, of course). Because of o/s postage costs, I don’t expect everyone to send returns, but if that’s no problem, please put me down for one 🙂
    RosA # 28

  17. That label made me smile too! I like your DD’s additions to your phone case. You’re doing a grand job with the preemie hats. I actually prefer the roll brims.

    Fiona #24

  18. That label on the spice package made me lol!! I send a lot of craft packages out and every time I go into our PO, have to explain what’s in the parcel….a knitted punk hedgehog made the whole queue laugh once!
    Wow, you’re doing an amazing job with the beanies..I sent off a parcel last week but haven’t managed to make any more since. Will definitely do so though, cos it’s such a good charity.
    Looking forward to seeing you very soon at t’Crop 🙂
    Hugs, LLJ 19 xx

  19. Well, if I were a preemie muma I would choose the roll brim anyway…the thought of knitted rib makes my teeth itch..sometimes it’s tight and rubby….I know this is highly unlikely for a teeny preemie, but old habits and prejudices are hard to shake! Loving the background piece on your desk..and I think DDs additions to your phone are absolutely the bomb.

  20. Thanks for the idea! I have so much washi tape and I keep thinking about where to use it!!!

  21. i like the idea of a washi phone case and the pics you’ve taken are good….im considering going apple for my next upgrade, but i love my samsung too -first world problems eh? lol

    just like to say a thank you for kitting the hats for babies, when our youngest was born although they had got all the weight measuring scans right what they didnt know was how petite she was -she was smaller than our eldests baby doll! so the hospital gave us a little knitted hat {roll up hem} as nothing we had fitted her and my parents had been dispatched to mothercare for clothes for our tiddly piddly! funnily enough it happened the other way round 4 years previously when eldest was born they said she would be small had lots extra scans as they were worred then she was born 8lb and with the longest legs and mum and dad had to go shopping for 3-6m clothes and we donated all the premie stuff to the nicu! so thank you for knitting them i have ours still as a memento ours was a happy story but so many others have a different experience and little kindnesses must help x

    thanks for sharing happy woyww have a great week
    Mrs C x #10

  22. Hope you find the right glue…. not got far enough with mine yet for the assembly stage… the photos from your phone are really good, I am due an upgrade and trying to decide what to go for… lol!! Have a good week. Helen #7

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