Happy WOYWW Day!  The crop draws ever nearer.  Working on my stack of ATCs and trying to get the adhesive right.  Really, for crafters, is there anything more frustrating than trying to find the right adhesive for the job?  The one that marries form and function?


What else? Another couple of background pieces for the ATCs there in the front.  Oh yes, my washi tape phone case.  DD and I had a girlie Mom & Daughter day a week or so back (shopping, movie, lunch) and at lunch she added the googgly eyes and sticker smile to the back.


It’s on my desk because I have taken something like 200+ photos and never moved them to my Mac.  This one I took of the menu, with the macro lens, thru the ice in my water glass.  I really like it.


And this label that came on one of DHs spice shipments. Made me smile so I snapped a photo to drop in the IM window to make hubby smile too.


Lastly, there at the back, my new stack of preemie beanies.


As much as I dislike purling, and knitting rib, I decided to have a go at that pattern.  No denying it’s cute, but the rolled brim ones are a LOT easier…

Have a great WOYWW day.