Garden printables for Project Life


Having a bit of a play with some free vectors.  Always a challenge, deciphering the copyright info.  These cute little florals needed a bit of editing, and colour changing, but were clearly marked as Free for non commercial use only.  Nice when that happens. Get the PDF here.

gardens2Although they are garden themed, I thought the quotes worked on a few levels.  I did the same quotes/text on a softer, more abstract set, and that one was a challenge!  The copyright info was in Chinese, and the translation … well, what do YOU make of this?

… 2, the site does not guarantee the accuracy, security and integrity of the site content; check with the virus itself, but the site does not assume the user from the use of these resources for themselves and others to cause any form of loss or damage.… (I read that as they can’t guarantee there are no viruses on the site, and that they can’t be held responsible for your use of them)

4. The content on this site are from the network source, material, pictures copyright belongs to original author, this site is reproduced material for everyone to enjoy and share, not as commercial purposes.(I read that as for non commercial use only)

6, the spirit of the Internet: sharing, exchange, progress (not sure about that – maybe a reference to Creative Commons?)

I can more or less get the jist of it, but it is in no way clear!

I’m curious to see which set gets more attention.  Get this set here.


4 thoughts on “Garden printables for Project Life

  1. Thank you for sharing these….I think I will use them both!!!!

  2. Thank you, Maryann. I love both sets. Appreciate you sharing all the time.

  3. Whatever all the translations mean they are still lovely and would be perfect for Project Life, especially if you are keen on gardening 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  4. Hi. Of course I like the softer/more abstract set with the confusing copyright. Printed them for my spring gardening project life. Vivian

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