Crochet Preenie Beanies – pattern OKed!


I got the word back from Baby Beanies that the crochet pattern is OK so I am going to share it here.  I found a really nice sizing chart here – although the post is old, and the blog is no longer active, I found it very helpful.  I’ve snipped a bit out to add to the pattern and added a link to the PDF, so you can use it to assess your own crochet version and check the sizing.

I can do one of these in about 30 minutes.  I’ve tried to make the pattern apply for both the US terminology and the UK terms.  The US is in RED and the UK is in blue.  I do hope I got it right.  I would really appreciate any feedback.  I don’t usually do patterns for knitting and crochet, although I have done them occasionally, I’m not an expert! And once I’ve done something a few times I go on autopilot, and then forget to take notes.  But this is very very simple, and very, very forgiving.  Given there is a need for beanies of ALL sizes, full size newborn ones, the odd added or missed stitch isn’t going to render the beanie unusable.

That’s basically what it looks like, although some of these substitute a hdc (or htr in UK terms!) for the dc (tr) stitches.  I thought it might work better but in the end I liked the dc/tr for all rounds until the edging round(s).



Now I have discharged my duty – I’ll try to pop back tomorrow and make sure I email any commenters or email-ers who asked for a copy when I got it OKed.  Have fun using up your scraps making something useful for charity.  My stash of bits of yarn are getting consumed quickly, making room for more new yarn….


4 thoughts on “Crochet Preenie Beanies – pattern OKed!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to share this pattern. I made one for a box my friend is putting together for a local hospital. Now I’m making one for an operation child box to fit a doll.

  2. Thanks for this. I’ve just downloaded the PDF. It looks great except for the very last St where you’ve forgotten the red/blue ! I’ll give this a try this week, and hopefully also the magic loop which has always fascinated me, and let you know how I get on. Best wishes Rosie.

    • Nuts. I’ll fix that and add it again. I also tried, and prefer, skipping the hdc/htr round on the ribbed edged hat …. silly not to have tried it first.

      Thanks for the feedback


  3. Oh these look cute – I’ll have to try a few – such a great way to use up all those little ‘bits’ that are too small to use but too nice to throw out!

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