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Across the 8th dimension (printables)

This set is prompted by something I uncovered while spring cleaning.  One of the few movies I forced DS to watch that I’m not sure he got.  Totally not of general interest, although I have tried to make them more universally appealing with more generic backgrounds than actual logos.  In part, because copyright info on what logos I do find is hard to determine.  I would have loved to use a Yoyodyne label…

… but I felt it would make the printables less useable, even if I could find a copyright free one.  As they are, with colourful backgrounds and bold text, the focus is on the words.  And I think the quotes work well enough.


You can grab them here.  I’ll be very interested to see how many people recognize where these are from and comment or pin.  John Bigboote would …..

Maybe this will help?