WOYWW 307 – 6th anniversary ATC-back printables


Happy WOYWW!  I missed last week (my back was just too bad to sit at my desk and my iPad too annoying for the usually long comments I tend to leave) and as my first wrenched back came after posting WOYWW the previous week, but before managing any comments, it seemed better to skip it than join in and NOT comment.  This week my back is better, but I am taking it easy as I am sure the second spasm was caused by doing too much too soon.

I got a fresh blade for my Cricut, so I can cut some things, and I am still working on my ATCs.  I made all I could from the darker backgrounds and am now working on a lighter and brighter one.  Similar elements but a little different.


Here are the ATC backs I made for this year’s swap.  The sheet has nine backs. Do feel free to grab them and use them.  I will probably edit out the WOYWW related bit and re-make them for download after the Anniversary swap.


I also share this little “memory game” from my local Tiger.  I just loved the colourful chipboard rings.  I think it was maybe £3 for 50 doughnut-shaped pieces.

2woyww307They are colourful but have a cute dotty scribble pattern on the back, and could be covered with cardstock too.  I think they could work on a layout, obviously, but maybe on a card too. So cute.


As it is a “memory game” there are two of each pattern.

I also have a whole pile of little preemie hats ready to mail off.  I didn’t count them but I think it could be close to 20.  And I still have loads of yarn leftovers so will make more.  Part of the spring clean was getting the oddments of yarn that were scattered all over the house in one place!

 PS If you want to swap ATCs for the WOYWW anniversary, drop me a comment and I’ll confirm so we can exchange addresses. 

15 thoughts on “WOYWW 307 – 6th anniversary ATC-back printables

  1. Hi Mary Anne, I hope your back is feeling better. It is so easy to think we are fit again, and then find we’ve overdone it. Love those donuts- awesome. Yes, I’m up for swapping AC’s at the crop- they are my mustdo job for next week. I’ve prevaricated long enough, even for me. Running late this week, it sort of ran away from me,lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz# 11 xx

  2. great looking desk and thanks for the project life printables. I have several collections of the different cards and wish they put them out on a pdf file so I could print as I need them! I love those rings too! We don’t have a Tiger’s over here so I doubt I will be able to find them but I will look when I go to some of the other discount stores. THey would be awesome in several different projects I do. Thanks for comment on my desk already. I am super slow this week. Not having a good time healthwise. Ghost came to us a couple years ago and was lurking about in the garden thinking she was hidden but being solid white that was impossible. My husband came in the house and asked me where the ghost in the garden came from and that became her name. Have a great week. Vickie

  3. Oh you are generous! Thank you. Hope to see you at the crop. Take care Zo xx 44

  4. Ohhh, those rings are cuuute! Love it! And oh – the ATC swap… I forgot all about it but want to make at least one, should put it on my to-do list! Take it easy, with your back dear. Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #38

  5. Hi Mary Anne, do take care, backs can be such difficult thing to get right again. I have never seen that game before but it sure looks as though the pieces could be very useful.
    I would love to swap ATCs with you, email me at:
    Happy woyww, Angela x 30

  6. Happy WOYWW Mary Anne, oh now I’m feeling the pressure, the more blogs I visit the more are making their ATCs, love the ATC backs and those donut discs are fabulous. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#24

  7. Great idea for the ATC back! I had not thought of that. Love those little donut things although I have no idea what i would use them for. Would love to exchange ATC”s,. Diane #28

  8. Wow, I LOVE those rings from Tiger…colourful, sturdy and what a bargain, gotta love that! I adore that shop, Julia took me once, I bought quite a few bits and pieces that I really needed…not!!
    And thanks for the ATC back freebie, I may well be grabbing that..thank you 🙂
    Hope your back continues to improve, slow and steady eh, though it must be frustrating when you want to rush around doing a million things…..
    Lots of love,
    LLJ 13 xx

  9. Back pain is miserable, I do feel for you. The pilates exercises have really helped me. Those donuts are cute. I’ve yet to visit a Tiger store, but have seen all sorts of goodies on various blogs.

  10. Glad to read that you’re being cautious in your recovery..there’s nothing worse. Love the memory game, that shop could bankrupt me on the right day! Thanks for the ATC back..gonna grab that, it ill feel at least that I may be getting somewhere!

  11. Love those printeded donuts. Such a great idea. I too scour the toy isle for things to use. Sorry to hear of your back. As a fellow sufferer I know your pain. Take it easy, when it is in dodgy mode, it slips back into spazim so easlily. #18

  12. Good to see you here this week, I missed you. glad the back is getting better. Your atc backs are fabulous, I still don’t have a working printer or I’d download some, never mind! At least my fronts are a WIP now! Helen #5

  13. sorry to hear that your back is bad i hope that it gets more comfortable quickly. I love tiger must look out for the matching game my girls would love that…may need 2 packs thou as i think it would look great as art on their bedroom wall
    thanks for sharing
    happy woyww have a great week
    Mrs. C.x #2

  14. So sorry to hear the back is still bad. ATC backs look good. Those donut discs look like great fun to play with. Take it slow and baby that back.

  15. Great ATC backing you’ve made and those be some fun bright ATC can’t wait to see the final ones all done happy we’d and I hope your back stops acting up on you hugs Nikki??

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