WOYWW 307 – 6th anniversary ATC-back printables

Happy WOYWW!  I missed last week (my back was just too bad to sit at my desk and my iPad too annoying for the usually long comments I tend to leave) and as my first wrenched back came after posting WOYWW the previous week, but before managing any comments, it seemed better to skip it than join in and NOT comment.  This week my back is better, but I am taking it easy as I am sure the second spasm was caused by doing too much too soon.

I got a fresh blade for my Cricut, so I can cut some things, and I am still working on my ATCs.  I made all I could from the darker backgrounds and am now working on a lighter and brighter one.  Similar elements but a little different.


Here are the ATC backs I made for this year’s swap.  The sheet has nine backs. Do feel free to grab them and use them.  I will probably edit out the WOYWW related bit and re-make them for download after the Anniversary swap.


I also share this little “memory game” from my local Tiger.  I just loved the colourful chipboard rings.  I think it was maybe £3 for 50 doughnut-shaped pieces.

2woyww307They are colourful but have a cute dotty scribble pattern on the back, and could be covered with cardstock too.  I think they could work on a layout, obviously, but maybe on a card too. So cute.


As it is a “memory game” there are two of each pattern.

I also have a whole pile of little preemie hats ready to mail off.  I didn’t count them but I think it could be close to 20.  And I still have loads of yarn leftovers so will make more.  Part of the spring clean was getting the oddments of yarn that were scattered all over the house in one place!

 PS If you want to swap ATCs for the WOYWW anniversary, drop me a comment and I’ll confirm so we can exchange addresses.