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Printables for Project Life (Taylor Swift inspired)

My DD loves Taylor Swift, like a lot of teen girls do.  While her music is nice enough, and I am impressed with how she has grown lyrically over the years, when  am picking the tunes, I’m unlikely to pick her.  I tend towards the old bluesmen, the Stax /Volt catalog, Stevie Ray, or songs of the 60s. Why then do her songs get caught in my head for HOURS?  Nothing will dislodge them, except the theme tune from Jessie (another of DDs favourites) but that creates a whole ‘nother problem (…cause it feels like a party every day…. ARRGGHH!)

So during one of those stuck-in-my-head moments I made this quick set of printables.  I think the song titles/lyrics/album titles I selected aren’t specifically boy or girl relates, and the colours should work for both too. Just one sheet of five, download here.

What do you think?



As usual, I am always open to suggestions, so if you have a set of printables in your head, but can’t find them out there for purchase or download, drop me a line.  I enjoy the challenge and might give it a go.