Life is messy PL Printables


Yep.  It is.  It feels like 2015 has been messy from the start.  Internet problems were surely the worst of it, but I keep throwing my back out, doing commonplace things (getting out of the car? really?) and then I had a cold, and then there have been other things that needed my attention that weren’t crafty…honestly, it’s all I can do to knit a little preemie cap in found time.

This printable sort of echos that.  I made two for a specific project, but the other one will come later.  This one I’ll share now.

I originally made just the set with the words.  But then I thought that the plain paint drips would be useful for journaling, or even as a small photo mat for any sort of messy, painty kid, room, etc. so I went ahead and created the sheet without the words as well.  And because I almost NEVER do 4 x 6 cards anymore, I did a couple of them as well – mostly because I really wanted a PINK one in the mix.


You can grab the three-page PDF here.

I wish I could say life has settled down, but it hasn’t.  We have a weekend of spring cleaning coming up, some Drs. appts for DD and some upcoming visits to prepare for.  I have something in the fall that needs attention and a fair amount of prep work and two more sets of visitors from across the pond.  I have a list of projects I want to do a mile long – I need to make notes on them or I will forget my grand plans LOL! The only thing I can be sure of is I am NOT missing the WOYWW crop, no matter what.    And I WILL be sharing the ATC backs for that (as well as an unbranded set for other than WOYWW swaps) probably next Weds.

3 thoughts on “Life is messy PL Printables

  1. Love these. So many uses for these sayings and color drips. TFS.

  2. These are so perfect for me right now! Ab so lute ly perfect! Thanks so much!

  3. I like these drippings.

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