WOYWW 305 – BIG changes…



Doesn’t look like BIG changes from this angle.  Just some of the beanies, ready to pop in the post.  I did a pile of the knitted version


and then went on a bit of a quest for a good crochet pattern.  I made up a number of them and will send the patterns along with the beanies so the organizer can see them.  She mentioned in her email a few knitters had asked for a crochet pattern and I thought it would be good to see how they work up – and how they fit.  There are so many versions out there! I love the ribbed beanies, they look so cute, but if they don’t fit, then what’s the point?


OK so the BIG change is that we got a new Smart TV.  Nothing wrong with the old one, 40″ screen, but with a wide bezel and heavy.  It fits my desk, so now my two screen set up is the rotated monitor and the TV.  I am sure yo can’t get any sense of exactly how big it is but however big you think, trust me it’s bigger.



If I hold up an A4 sheet of paper over that A4 image of yesterday’s printables, it doesn’t even cover it on the screen.  🙂

So that’s my desk.  Let’s see yours.  Is it as messy?  I hope so – I do love a busy, beautiful messy desk.


16 thoughts on “WOYWW 305 – BIG changes…

  1. Appreciation to you for all of your hard work on baby beanies. My mum does the same thing for her local hospital and can wipe off hat and booties at an amazing rate.

    Happy WOYWW, thanks for sharing
    Pat #54

  2. Ah welcome to my world of wonderful screen size and multi use screens, I love being able to show something on one screen and then being able to drag it across to another and keep going, especially when working. Awesome set up and one you deserve too.

    Love the beanies what a wonderful job you have done, thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 5

  3. Hi Mary Anne – ooow so cute the beanies – knitting and crochet – quick easy projects to do ….AND wow own TV that doubles you computer screen…super idea. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#25

  4. Oh those wee hats are so cute – I must have a look at the site – I have lots of little bits of wool I could use up making hats!
    Bernice #38

  5. Well, the proportion may be a bit off, but I can tell a Big screen when I see one! And how like you to figure out and share a new beanie pattern…and don’t they all look gorgeous!

  6. Oh dear, I’m afraid I am going to let you down. My desk isn’t messy at all, but it does hold some promise for a future mess. If only my mute house boy would quit picking up after me–LOL! Lots of great wee little hats you have there. You’ve been on a whirl. Love the two monitors, well monitor and TV. I have a teeny tiny work desk (like at work, not the craft one) and “they” are making everyone get two computer monitors, so I keep teasing them: Where are they going to fit??!!! (Perhaps they’ll let me ditch the switchboard phone to make room????!) Judy #56

  7. Gosh Mary Anne you must knit really fast, they are lovely little hats. I wouldn’t dare have a TV in my craft room, too distracting and it doesn’t take much Lol! Have a great week, Angela x 24

  8. Smart TVs are the way to go! How nice to have one in your craft room. Your beanies are so sweet too. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #40

  9. Well done you for making all those little hats. It’s good to have a crochet pattern as I find crochet quicker than knitting.
    Wow! I’m impressed with your two screen set-up. (Do you really watch tv when your crafting?) My mum has a huge screen as she is going blind and has special software to make everything bigger.
    Have a good week,

  10. You are doing an amazing job with those little hats.
    sandra de @32

  11. Gosh you’ve been so busy with all those little hats – I was thinking I’d like to make some for charity, but I prefer to crochet as I’m not a strong knitter. If you have any info about the charity you could share I’d really appreciate it. Love your new TV by the way!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #21

  12. Those beanies are so cute, would it be possible for me to get those pattern? I knit for the babies in hospital but crochet would be much quicker. Thank you in advance, my email is
    Bridget #1

    • I am in the process of test crocheting a number of variations on the crochet one I like best. They ARE much faster than knitting. ’tis true. I was planning on doing a post that linked to all the ones I made so will make sure you get the info one I compile it.

      The organizer mentioned in her newsletter that a couple of the units requested larger sized beanies, not just preemie sized ones and the crochet version is perfect for those – the knitted version takes AGES 😀


  13. You made so many of the beanies! You have been busy. I didn’t know there were so many patterns different either. I guess you like the one you used. Your TV screen is large! I hpe you enjoy it. It has been nice visiting your space. Thank you. #22

  14. your hats look super cute and will be so useful. I am impressed by your new double screen thing going on!! very useful for all your clever printable things you do so well! Happy WOYWW , Helen #4

  15. Sweet set up with the double screens which program do you have running in it ? and those little hats are so cute
    hugs Nikki No # yet

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