WOYWW 305 – BIG changes…


Doesn’t look like BIG changes from this angle.  Just some of the beanies, ready to pop in the post.  I did a pile of the knitted version


and then went on a bit of a quest for a good crochet pattern.  I made up a number of them and will send the patterns along with the beanies so the organizer can see them.  She mentioned in her email a few knitters had asked for a crochet pattern and I thought it would be good to see how they work up – and how they fit.  There are so many versions out there! I love the ribbed beanies, they look so cute, but if they don’t fit, then what’s the point?


OK so the BIG change is that we got a new Smart TV.  Nothing wrong with the old one, 40″ screen, but with a wide bezel and heavy.  It fits my desk, so now my two screen set up is the rotated monitor and the TV.  I am sure yo can’t get any sense of exactly how big it is but however big you think, trust me it’s bigger.



If I hold up an A4 sheet of paper over that A4 image of yesterday’s printables, it doesn’t even cover it on the screen.  🙂

So that’s my desk.  Let’s see yours.  Is it as messy?  I hope so – I do love a busy, beautiful messy desk.