WOYWW 304 – more ATC play


Hello WOYWWers!  I have finalized my design and in the midst of making.  Sadly, the crop has been cancelled this month (sort of expected, falling between Good Friday and Easter, but I finally cleared the decks and was 100% I could go, even if I had to leave early.  Oh well.) so I am working on them at home.


Much like my blog, the ATC incorporates a lot of different elements, including some at first handmade items (stamped then coloured) then scanned and made digital.  With the best will in the world I couldn’t get as many Ws cut from book pages as I would need to multiple ATCs LOL!

There will be an interactive element, and I may cut a few to assemble at the WOYWW crop, as they can stand alone (literally) without the ATC.

I asked a trusted fellow WOYWWer if she thought an ATC that wasn’t 100% hand crafted from beginning to end would be a disappointment and luckily she said she thought it would be fine.  Even with the glimpses here you aren’t getting the whole picture, so I’m not worried about spoiling the surprise.  Not that I ever have been. I’m not one to hide my ATC until it is received.  The “official” swap one will be hand crafted from beginning to end, if possible, and there will be different versions, depending on the masterboard background, so it might still be a surprise.

I am working on a design for the backs – as with past years, I’ll share those if anyone wants to use them.

But not today.  Today I am desk hopping till DD gets home from her last day of term. I’ll be popping round to yours soon, I imagine.  Hope you didn’t tidy up, I like a messy desk LOL!



22 thoughts on “WOYWW 304 – more ATC play

  1. Oh I have to start those look at your already started humm must think what to do I mostly make OOAK for each but perhaps I’ll try and make a set to mail off for those lucky peeps that go to the swap 🙂
    hugs Nikki no # yet

  2. I need to start my ATCs…you are so ahead of the game!

  3. sounds like the ideal way to mass produce! what a shame I don’t have a printer (still!!) glad the link’s appeared, it’s so much easier! Helen 3

  4. Wowzers! Love the ATCs. The colors are gorgeous, and I love your skill at combining digital and traditional paper crafting. I’m beginning to believer I truly am a Luddite though. That and all my “good” programs are on the computer that’s been needing repair for… a year and a half? lol #8

  5. I like the design of your ATCs very much especially the strong diagonal across it….I’ll have to see if Julia will let me play at her place in order to make a few 🙂
    The knitting charity site is :
    They have a load of projects on there, some which appeal to me, others don’t. I’m enjoying knitting the preemie hats because they’re quick and use up odd balls of yarn. Win win 🙂
    Happy Easter,
    LLJ 4 xx

  6. You’re not just on’re all over it! I’d be surprised if your ATC (or anything else really) wasn’t a hybrid, after all, you use both in all your paper arts so regularly that I suspect most of us consider you the Queen of Hybrid! Am loving what I see so far, and feeling a little bit of pressure all of a sudden!

  7. Hi Mary Anne, you are well on with the ATCs and they look great. What’s the law lol! none! you make them how you like, they look good to me.
    Happy wyww, Angela @ Felix the Crafty Cat x 29

  8. I’m loving your ATC’s – the colour is gorgeous and I like the fancy edging on the diagonal, it’s lovely. I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #32

  9. Wow! Those ATCs really look great! (already). Hybrid crafting is great! I can’t see than anybody could object to that as long as you’re honest about what you have done. There might be some ‘purists’ around but I’m certainly not one of them….
    I’d completely forgotten about 1 April!
    Thanks for visiting earlier.
    Have a great week and Happy Easter!

  10. lots going on here! Lovely ATC’s! Glenda #34

  11. Oh I only thought about my ATC’s over the weekend when out and about and thought it could all work well. I didn’t know it was this close, maybe I have missed the boat and will have to join another time. I think I need to get my skates on, hmm I will have to seriously consider this now. I love, love, love what I see on your desk, it looks really creative and a masterpiece, especially love the colours. Thanks for sharing and hopefully we will be able to swap. I was planning on sending some to Julia to hand out.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  12. What a clever idea! The ATC´s look cool!
    Gabriele 20

  13. Oh good grief… I am missing for ages and ages and then turn up and its time to get the ATC’s designed and made and you are already ahead of the game!! LOL This is just what i need to get me back into the swing… small and easy and quick (she says)…. thanks for visiting already! Annette #22

  14. Hi Mary Anne, you’re way ahead of me for the ATC, I haven’t even started to think about it yet … but then I’ve not been around much lately! Love your design – what I can see on your desk, that is … there’s something about the eye that always attracts. Have a great Easter weekend and a happy WOYWW today. Elizabeth x #40

  15. I ove the colors you used on your ATC, and the stamp with the eye is one of my fav’s! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #51

  16. I enjoy creating wee pieces of art, though I haven’t in a while. Perhaps you’ve inspired me?
    I look forward to returning to see how your ATCs progress!

  17. I’m just back from my family fun time so am catching up on a few blogs. Thanks for visiting mine earlier.
    I really must get my AYC head on and start thinking about what I’m going to do this year.
    Annie x #14

  18. Oh, Mary Anne, you are so way ahead of me. I really need to get organised, especially as I have another treatment to go before the swap, and could lose a week or so easily. Really struggling today, am round late, had to go to Docs, got a rotten chest infection thats not clearing. Thought it was going after last week, but its come back with a vengeance. Now have another lot of anti-biotics, and steroids to take for a week. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #37

  19. I haven’t tidied by but I haven’t made a very big mess either. I just thought I’d break that to you right off. Love how the ATCs are progressing, so many wonderful elements and layers and eyeballs… I could do without the eyeballs staring at me though. Have fun playing and creating! Judy #60

  20. Eye see you are busy. Great things happening on your desk.

    Thanks for sharing, Happy WOYWW
    Pat #64

  21. That looks like a Very Busy Desk, Mary Ann! The design looks really interesting.
    Sorry your crop was cancelled – our fortnightly Crafters’ Club was also cancelled this week, since it would be on Maundy Thursday and the local sewing and needlecrafts shop, where we meet in the cafe, will be closed on Thursday evening. Still, there’s next time!
    I haven’t tidied my desk, but the photo only shows the middle bit, not the heaps of stuff round the edges. I guess I could make a Project for this evening, to get that desk tidy!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Lizzie #61

  22. Ha! You just beat me to the top spot. I didn’t expect to find myself in the top ten after 7am! I do something similar to you with my scraps and possible card making elements. I have got out of the habit lately hence the big pile that needed organising. Enjoy the long weekend.

    Fiona #2

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