WOYWW 304 – more ATC play

Hello WOYWWers!  I have finalized my design and in the midst of making.  Sadly, the crop has been cancelled this month (sort of expected, falling between Good Friday and Easter, but I finally cleared the decks and was 100% I could go, even if I had to leave early.  Oh well.) so I am working on them at home.


Much like my blog, the ATC incorporates a lot of different elements, including some at first handmade items (stamped then coloured) then scanned and made digital.  With the best will in the world I couldn’t get as many Ws cut from book pages as I would need to multiple ATCs LOL!

There will be an interactive element, and I may cut a few to assemble at the WOYWW crop, as they can stand alone (literally) without the ATC.

I asked a trusted fellow WOYWWer if she thought an ATC that wasn’t 100% hand crafted from beginning to end would be a disappointment and luckily she said she thought it would be fine.  Even with the glimpses here you aren’t getting the whole picture, so I’m not worried about spoiling the surprise.  Not that I ever have been. I’m not one to hide my ATC until it is received.  The “official” swap one will be hand crafted from beginning to end, if possible, and there will be different versions, depending on the masterboard background, so it might still be a surprise.

I am working on a design for the backs – as with past years, I’ll share those if anyone wants to use them.

But not today.  Today I am desk hopping till DD gets home from her last day of term. I’ll be popping round to yours soon, I imagine.  Hope you didn’t tidy up, I like a messy desk LOL!