Watercolour words, part 2 (project life cards)


The Easter set was all a little vintage. Don’t get me wrong, I really like them, but they aren’t my usual bright and bold style.  This is a another set I was playing with.  Grab it here.


If you go back the splatter set I did previously, you will see these are also simple two-word phrases in a similar more artsy style.  I imagine they could also work to add to a canvas or an art journal.



If you missed that set and like the look of it you can grab those here.

Otherwise, I am deep in the throes of my WOYWW 6th ATC design.  More about that tomorrow….



6 thoughts on “Watercolour words, part 2 (project life cards)

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  2. What do I need to adjust (?) to get these to actually print out as the 3×4 size? When I use a 8 1/2 x 11 page, they show up as smaller size, as a bit over 2 1/2 x 3 1/2; yet when I measure yours they are the right 3 x4 size. TIA Georgia Evenson

    • When I design I try to make the 5 cards fit inside the area of a US letter piece of paper (8.5 x 11) and the standard A4 size of 8.25 x 11 .75 (approx)

      If I had to guess I would guess that your printer is re-sizing them for US letter because that is the default or because you are ticking Scale to Fit (or something similar)

      Try printing without scaling (or if you have a Print Entire Image option, tick that) or as a last resort, set the paper size to A4 – they should fit.

      If you have a US letter borderless setting that could also help. I wonder – is this only a problem for you or does everyone have similar and no one ever bothered to mention it?!



  3. Love these! thanks

  4. j’aime beaucoup, très belle créativité merci

  5. Loving these watercolour splashes…..darn it forgot we do ATCs at the crop! Need to get my thinking head on.


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