Perspective, perception, illusion – Printables


So I made a set of printables, and I’ll explain why later.



Just a handful of filler cards. Grab them here

Why, you may ask? I’ve had optical illusions on the brain since a strange thing happened.  I have been reading a bit about “that dress” and the issues surrounding why people perceive it to be one way or another. Initially when I saw the dress, I think I recall believing it was clearly white and gold.  Then I saw it on that linked site. It was Black and blue.

Clicked the link there. On the Buzzfeed poll I see (SAW) it clearly as white and gold.  Honestly.  I really and truly did. I grabbed the above image and added it, interested to see the two different colours in different shots. And when I went back to the Buzzfeed page to grab the image?  It was TOTALLY Black and blue.  I swear.  One minute I saw white and gold, the next I saw black and blue.

Now, no matter WHERE I see that dress I can ONLY see it as Black and Blue.  THAT is weird.  Far weirder to me then the initial debate over colour.  So I want to know.  Can you see one black and blue and one white and gold.  Do you see two different colours on the two different sites?  Have you ever been able to see both versions?

HOW did I see it one way on one site then another way on another, and what made it change between visits?? Over time will I eventually see it differently or has my brain been trained?

Comment and tell me your experiences with “that dress”  – is it just me or did you ever see it two different ways? I am SO curious…..




13 thoughts on “Perspective, perception, illusion – Printables

  1. And back to white and gold!!!! If I hadn’t seen the change for myself I would not have believed it!!

  2. OK. You are going to love this one. I clearly see Blue and Gold! LOL! I can see where it could be white and gold give the right lighting but the first and most obvious colors that I see are blue and gold. Bizarre!

  3. Whaat the ………NOW when I scrolled back up it is pale blue and black! Right that is it…I am off for a drink…you have driven me mad!!! 🙂

  4. Interesting…I see this as White and gold….very clearly. Hubby sees it as Black and blue……….we sat here for several minutes with me saying things like “stop messing…….which colours do you see?” and then statements like “you’re sh*tting me!” when he was VERY clear it was black and blue!!!!!!

  5. I’m not sure I buy that 🙂 Only because today, every time I have come to my blog, when I first see the dress, those same two photos, it is CLEARLY white and gold. Right now, I have scrolled down to enter a reply in the box, and I just scrolled up so I could see the dress images again? Yep, they are both black and blue. The FIST view of the dress, every time, is white and gold. Hide it from view for even a second and the NEXT view is black and blue. It may very well be they made two dresses, but I am looking at the SAME TWO PHOTOS, seconds apart and can see them first one way, then another. I have no explanation. But I sure wish I did….. 🙂

    • I’m with you on this … when I first opened this post I was seeing white and gold – but after reading all the comments I scrolled back up and the dress is blue & black!! That’s strange!! And fascinating!! (and thanks for the cards!!) 🙂

  6. I see White and gold ..but if i look out of the corner of my eye i can see blue and black as long as i am not relly focusing on it.

  7. The original dress was black and blue, and then they made a white and gold one. I saw both side by side in the Roman shop window. The blue is surprisingly dark – a dark royal blue perhaps. It had a bit of a shimmer in the net part of the dress and the top part of the dress seemed to change colour in parts. I think it is a trick of the light on the shimmery net that made the original look the wrong colour – perhaps like white looks blue in disco lights. I don’t think you would have any problem seeing the different colours in both dresses in natural light.
    The publicity was put to good use by a South African charity (I think it was Red Cross) to highlight how people ignore domestic violence – with the slogan “how hard is it to see black and blue”.
    It’s just started raining here so it’s darker in the house and the dress now looks more blue!

  8. Thank you for your great “perception cards. I love them. As far as the dress is concerned. I have seen all the pictures, read all the explanations,tried cutting out the back lighting so that I only saw the dress and printed it off; and I have only ever seen it as white and gold. I do see a blue and black dress for the mother of the bride. I am fascinated by perception and all the theories of why but I just do not get this one

  9. I have seen the dress side by side one of each color. They were on tv. On this blog I see it blue. In your email I saw white and gold. I think it 2 dress and the designer and the 15 min of fame. And they got it. LOL

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