Perspective, perception, illusion – Printables

So I made a set of printables, and I’ll explain why later.



Just a handful of filler cards. Grab them here

Why, you may ask? I’ve had optical illusions on the brain since a strange thing happened.  I have been reading a bit about “that dress” and the issues surrounding why people perceive it to be one way or another. Initially when I saw the dress, I think I recall believing it was clearly white and gold.  Then I saw it on that linked site. It was Black and blue.

Clicked the link there. On the Buzzfeed poll I see (SAW) it clearly as white and gold.  Honestly.  I really and truly did. I grabbed the above image and added it, interested to see the two different colours in different shots. And when I went back to the Buzzfeed page to grab the image?  It was TOTALLY Black and blue.  I swear.  One minute I saw white and gold, the next I saw black and blue.

Now, no matter WHERE I see that dress I can ONLY see it as Black and Blue.  THAT is weird.  Far weirder to me then the initial debate over colour.  So I want to know.  Can you see one black and blue and one white and gold.  Do you see two different colours on the two different sites?  Have you ever been able to see both versions?

HOW did I see it one way on one site then another way on another, and what made it change between visits?? Over time will I eventually see it differently or has my brain been trained?

Comment and tell me your experiences with “that dress”  – is it just me or did you ever see it two different ways? I am SO curious…..